Drinking Games

Check out how we party or just get some inspiration for your party. We have even added a downloadable pdf for most of the games, well at least the tricky ones.

12A game of two teams that will not only test how well you can down a drink put you under the intense pressure of your friends and soon to enemies.
Flip cup

Drinking Jenga
A drunken twist to a favourite childhood game. Each block represents a rule that each player must abide by, and if they refuse, they must take a shot of vodka. These rules may have you kissing strangers or ravelling your darkest secrets.

One of the best ways to get very drunk and very quickly. Some people are better than others at this. You can buy these online but we recommend to make your own and here is a video how.
Beer Bongs

Ride The Bus
Ride the Bus or “Fuck the Bus” as some people call it, is an excellent card drinking game that requires straightforward and basic instructions that allow strangers and friends to “learn as they play”.

Simple but a very effective way to get drunk, every time you score a goal you choose someone to take a shot. The losing team buys the next round of drinks.
Foosball Shots

Coin Flip
Set one big glass in the middle of the table and 7 cups around it with a mixture of different drinks and spirits. You need about 4+ people for this to be exciting. You go around the group each flipping the coin, before you flip you choose some of one of the drinks to put into the middle glass, if you get heads you drink, if its tails it moves to the next person, dangerous but straightforward.

All you need for this is a deck of playing cards, a big cup and some keen players. You can use a standard deck of cards, or you can buy special cards that already have the rules on them.7
Kings Cup

Boat Race
Everyone splits into two teams, and each has a bottle of mixed vodka (straight vodka if you are crazy). Share the bottle around and the first team to finish the bottle wins.

A game of two teams that will not only test of well you can down a drink put how well you handle under the intense pressure of your friends soon to enemies.
Stack Cup

Beer Pong Challenges
The classic red cup drinking game that can get the party going. Great for beginners and pros alike. Add a number at the bottom of every cup that correlates to a set rules that were previously decided. The person who losses the cup needs to drink and so whatever the rule states.

The player is dealt a card. The player then guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower than the next card. If wrong, the player drinks once and goes again. If correct, the player doesn’t drink and guesses again, the player needs to guess four times correctly to finish and for the game to move to the next person.
Higher or Lower

Pub Crawl Bingo
A great way to get everyone interacting with each other and push you out of your comfort zone. But you will have to join our crawl to play this one.



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