We all love a well-deserved winter holiday, but we don’t like, is walking around in the cold not knowing what to do. That’s why we have put together a quick list of some of the best things to do in Krakow this winter

Markets – It’s hard to miss the Markets in Krakow as they are situated in the main square and the small square just next to the main square. Expect some delicious heartwarming traditional food, lots of Mulled wine and even more overpriced gifts and knick-knacks. It’s excellent to have a stroll through and look around, but we advise to avoid buying anything other than food and drinks.

Ice Skating – To burn off all that extra pork sausage and two too many drinks you’ve had, another great thing to do I Krakow this winter is to check out of Krakow’s ice skating rinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or never tried it. Its cheap, fun and easy. Our favourite is the rink in the beautiful Jordan park which is only 10 minutes walk from the Old town, and there is an excellent Organic cafe next door. For the more experienced skaters, you can try out the Cracovii Ice Rink where the Krakow Team plays but its best to check their website or call to see if the rink is free.


Food tour – Skip all the tourist traps and get some authentic local polish food on a walking food tour. There are many of these tours in Krakow, but our favourite is “A Taste of Krakow” from “City Walks Krakow”. Their guides have a great passion for food and if course vodka, they not only show you great Polish food but the stories behind them and can recommend some great laces in Krakow after the tour. Don’t just take our word for it as they are #1 for food yours in Krakow

Mulled Beer and wine Crawl – By far the best thing about winter is warming yourself up with some Mulled wine, so we have made a list of the four best places to get mulled wine or beer in Krakow.

Caffe Zaćmienie – A cool outdoor/indoor bar that feels like your sitting in a little jungle with plants hanging from all areas.

Cafe Zakątek -Tucked up an alleyway that looks so uninviting – but when you get inside, although small it is cozy and very welcoming.The staff make fell at home and the drinks even more so.

Eszeweria -This bar is in the heart of the Jewish Quarter “Kazimierz” and it represents it very well. The old world antiques, candelabras, frosty mirrors and dark, stencilled walls all simply work well together. You won’t find any tourists here, just a great vibe and some even better warm spiced beers.

Alchemia – One of the oldest bars in Krakow but this place is a bit different and they are one of the only places in Krakow that does mulled cider. The food and atmosphere here will make say all light.

Lost souls ally – This is a by far one of the most popular things to do in Krakow all year round, but it got a bit of extra charm too in the cold and dark winter days. Lost souls ally is a cross between a haunted house and an escape room but with vital importance on the scary part. It turns men into baby’s and can show you who your real friends are. Check out some of there videos on there website, but they dont do justice to just how scary it is. We recommend having a few beers before you go in to help you build up some courage.

Mountain day trip – This one isn’t actually in Krakow, but we can look past that as its only about 1.5 hours by bus. Just south of Krakow are the stunning Tatra mountains in the Tatra national park. It expands 211.6 km² through Poland and Slovakia, and there are lakes, mountain peaks, paved trails for beginners and death-defying near rock climbing trails for expert climbers. We suggest sticking to the basic ones that lead to the famous Lake Morskie Oko which has an old guests house next to it that services some well deserved mulled wine and a selection of hot foods. If you are not felling to adventurous, you can always book a tour that organises it all for you.


Tell us your favourite or if you have any comments, questions or recommendations, please let us know in the comments section.