#1 Nadwislanska Resto & Vodka Bar

Although Nadwiślańska is more of a restaurant than a bar, it is one of the top spots in Krakow to go for a drink. The modern and industrial style restaurant and bar has only just opened, but it has already become a massive hit with locals. They stock over 250 different vodkas, and it is arguably the biggest vodka collection of any bar in Krakow. Located in the historical area of Podgórze, its unique decor has a modern but warm and funky design which is great for relaxing over a cocktail made by one of their experienced bartenders. They also have a diverse and well-thought menu, but our favourite is their tapas selection. Another great way to try Polish vodka is on a vodka tasting tour.

#2 Wodka Cafe

Wodka cafe is one of the smallest bars in Krakow, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular bars for locals and tourists alike. This cozy little bar is located in the Old Town just off the main square on Mikołajska street. They offer a wide range of flavoured and traditional polish vodkas served on cute vodka sipping glasses in sets of 6 on a wooden tray. The vodka trays are intended to be shared, but we think you can keep them all just for yourself.

#3 Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa is a traditional Polish shot bar that can be found all over Poland. Although it is a chain, it still has a great local feel to it. The decor makes it seem like you are drinking back in communist Poland with its distinct green stools, old newspapers for wallpaper and retro appliances. The drinks here are as cheap as you can find in Krakow. They have a menu of 13 speciality made shots that are only 1euro each, from Chupa Chupp flavour to monte chocolate and one of our favourites is “The Mad Dog”, this is a Polish shot that consists of Vodka, Rasberry syrup and a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

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#4 Z Ust Do Ust

Although Z Ust Do Ust is meant to be a speakeasy(hidden bar), it’s very easy to find now thanks to google maps listings. Z Ust Do Ust have there very own unique cocktail menu as each of there drinks represents a place in Krakow. It has a funky and intimate vibe that will keep drinking vodka all night long. It’s tiny, and it gets can busy so definitely get there early if you want a table.

#5 Ambasada Sledzia

Ambasada Śledzia is a vodka and sledz bar, there are many of these all over Krakow but Ambasada Śledzia was the original and possibly still the best (at least it’s our favourite). If you wondering what sledz is, its pickled hearing served cold and generally served with a shot of vodka. They have a wide range of vodka shots for as little as 5zl and an even better range of cocktails.