The best things to do in Krakow

Any basic blog or simple guide can tell you the best things to do in Krakow. It’s not that hard to find all the typical “best tourist attractions” walk through the Old Town, and you’ll see the main square, St Mary’s church and Wawel castle. 

The best way to discover a city’s essence and get a feel for it is to go to the places only locals know about, and how do you do that? That’s where Goodtime Monty comes in, as they are the perfect host for curious travellers. They provide personal recommendations for the best of the best of Krakow. Without any of those annoying paid listings or advertisements.

We have picked the best parts from their beautifully illustrated map and guide and some tips and unique recommendations from Monty. We have also added some guides from Goodtime Montys Instagram, so you will know what are the best things to do in Krakow.

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The best Breakfast in Krakow

Camelot is an old-world cafe just off the main square that serves tasty omelettes & ice cold fruit drinks that will cure any hangover. Seating is indoors and outdoors, but we’d recommend eating inside as the decor is cosy and has a welcoming ambience. The food is light and best for breakfast or a late lunch. It’s also a great spot to get some incredible Instagram shots. 

The best Lunch in Krakow

Kolanko No 6 is a cozy and relaxing restaurant in Kazimierz with an open-air patio. They offer a fixed lunch menu using local ingredients with a wide variety of options, including traditional polish favourites like Polish crepes. 

The best place for Dinner in Krakow 

Kogal Mogel is fine dining without the pretence. Located just off the main square, this place is a must for anyone that loves good food. The quality of the ingredients is to the highest standard, and the cuisine is Polish with a modern twist. They also have a great selection of wines. The staff are welcoming, and everyone speaks English. If your looking

The best place in Krakow for a Drink

TAG is a semi-hidden cocktail bar just outside the main square. They offer a unique range of cocktails with top-shelf spirits. After buzzing up from an intercom on the street, you find yourself in an urban graffiti interior with a trendy feel. 

The best place for a Night-Out in Krakow

Plac Nowy is the spot for you if you’re looking for something different and to mingle with locals. In the small square in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, you’ll find a range of bars, pubs, live music, and Polish shot bars with something for everyone. If you’re looking to check a few places in one night, you can also check out The Alternative Krakow Crawl, which heads to all the best spots in Kazimierz and make sure to check the Does & Dont’s of Krakow Nightlife before going out.

For a crazy night out going clubbing, the best club in Krakow is Four Music Club.

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What to do in Krakow for…

Although eating and drinking are among the highlights when on holiday, there are many more great things to do in Krakow. So we have added our favourites from Monty’s guide.

Art & Cluture

Princess Czarorzyski museum is one of Poland’s oldest museums and houses a collection valued at two billion euros and includes two works by Rembrandt and Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci to name a few. It can get busy, so buying tickets in advance is best.


Ojcow National Park is around 30 minutes drive from Krakow and has trails, caves, photogenic rock formations and even remains of a 14th-century castle. Entry to the park is, and in the centre of the park, you’ll find a great little spot to get a beer and some lunch. (try some trout from the local trout farm)


Forum Design is the spot if you want to take home something more than your typical souvenir. They have modern Polish furniture and interior decor. 

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Montys Guides 

If you are unsure of what to do in Krakow, check out some of Monty’s guides so you can get a good idea of Krakow.

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Why get a Monty Map & Guide?

Not only does the map include all the best things to do in Krakow, but it also gives you access to a private telegram group chat to ask any Krakow-related questions 24/7, 5 buy one get one free drinks at some of Monty’s favourite hangouts and lots for tips, recommendations and day plans. You can also check out their Instagram page for daily travel tips.

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Krakow is a beautiful and vibrant city with a rich history and culture. From exploring the stunning architecture of the Old Town to sampling traditional Polish cuisine to visiting the WW2 museums, there is no shortage of things to do in Krakow. Whether you’re interested in art or history or want to experience the city’s lively atmosphere, Krakow has something to offer everyone.

These are just some of the most extraordinary things to do in Krakow listed in the Goodtime Monty map and guide, so make sure to pick up your own Goodtime Monty map to discover more of Krakow. You can pick up a copy directly from their website or from multiple hotels around Krakow.

If your looking for some for some more Things to do in Krakow then check out our Free Things to do or Krakow Nightlife Guide or this helpful nightlife guide and The Dos & Dont’s of Krakow Nightlife.