Forum Przestrzenie

A favourite place for local hipsters and visitors alike, a run-down communist looking hotel that was turned into a chilled out modern lounge by some young entrepreneurs the forum with great food, craft beers and an outdoor lounging area overlooking the Wisla River and Wawel Hill. And what was once used as  events centre at the back of the venue is now a multi-use area with galleries, fashion stores and a barber shop.


It is bustling full every night of the week that’s open 24 hours full of people from all parts of the world with the cheapest beers and vodka shots in Krakow.



One of Krakow’s oldest bars in the Kazimierz district, candle lit with alchemist tools on the walls and ceilings, with its different rooms and cellar there is a unique atmosphere here in which almost anyone can find their nook. Or head downstairs and catch a range of local and international bands that play there.


Lokal is a new and unique place on Krakow’s entertainment scene. The club is located in the heart of Krakow’s Old Town – on the Main Market. These 450 square meters of space in its structure contains a fragment of a medieval street. They are serving great pizzas all day and even better cocktails all night.

Prozak 2.0

VVoted the best club in Poland this newly renovated plays the best electronic music. The interior remains an endless maze of underground rooms over two levels with an incredible four bars and three dance-floors on which to wild out.