The Dont’s Of hostel etiquette

One of the best things about modern-day travelling is hostels. These places make it reasonably cheap and very convenient to travel all over the world. But your fantastic euro trip can get turned into the journey from hell if you get stuck with someone who doesn’t understand the very basic hostel etiquette that all should abide by. If you ever get stuck with one of these people just send them this post so that it will hopefully educate them and stop any further Dont’s of Hostel etiquette

Noise – Unless your staying at a party hostel where it’s encouraged to drink and scream all night until 5:00 am, be quiet during the night. No one wants to listen to the videos on your phone or what your girlfriend had for lunch yesterday, just put your headphones in or leave the room. If you need to get something from the bottom of your suitcase, then make it quick minimise noise.

Lights – This should be common knowledge but don’t turn the lights on when people are sleeping.

Sex – We all love to get lucky while we’re travelling, but no-one wants to hear you having sex. Try to find somewhere private(like a shower) and if you have to do it in the room once you’re finished up, no talking or laughing and messing around, you’ve already put the 10+ people in your room through enough.

Snoring – Everyone loves to sleep, so if you are a terrible snorer than try to book a smaller room to minimise the number of people you will torture.

Mess – Most hostels have dedicated lockers or space for each person, it’s a lot safer and more comfortable if you have your stuff in those spaces instead off spread across the entire room

Kitchen –  No one expects you to mop the floors and scrub the sink but tries to keep the mess to a minimum and if there is a communal fridge, always put your name on it to stop the hostel staff chucking it or eating it.


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