As a young person, you want to travel the world, explore exotic places, experience new things and get drunk in as many cities as possible. But you’re young, so you’re most likely on a very tight budget, so what do you do?? You go interrailing across Europe.

Now obviously, interrailing is an enjoyable thing to do. It doesn’t take much to survive while doing it, and it’s not like we are telling you how to survive Outback Australia while having no food, water or wi-fi, this is more so, tips and guidelines on how to get the most out of the experience.

#1 Dealing with friends while interrailing

The first thing to talk about with interrailing is dealing with your friends and how to not be a complete jerk to them. You’ll probably be with three or more of your friends, some close and some perhaps just acquaintances, so there are a few things to keep in mind.

First things first, cut your friends some slack,or in other words, don’t forget how drunk(and annoying) you were last time you went out. Your friends may be getting very irritating. They might be complaining about how hungover they are, how upset they are about losing their phone, wallet, passport or dignity. So need to remember to let it all slide and enjoy it all, as you soon be laughing about it and reminiscing about those times.

#2 Get some alone time

This also leads to the second point: “Always trying to keep the group together causes more problems than its worth”. You might be unlucky enough to be stuck with someone who likes to micromanage the trip and wants everything done by everyone all the time. With these sorts of people, you need to lay it out nice and simple for them and tell them to get f***ed as you want to travel your way. If you try and get everyone to stay together, someone will be unhappy or will complain. This doesn’t make much of an enjoyable trip.

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#3 Meet new people while interrailing

Third up is one that most people may forget “Make friends outside your group”. It’s effortless to spend all your time while interrailing only with your inner circle of friends. (let’s face it your all absolute legends and who could be funnier or better to drink with?) Well, at least that’s what you tell each other. But one of the best things about travelling is not the places you go to but the people you meet. However, sometimes it may be the worst. That being said, you are almost guaranteed to meet some awesome people with some great stories to tell. It’s nice to make a drunken fool of yourself in front of a different crowd every now and again.

#4 Get some perspective

Number 4 which is similar to numero uno. “Get some Perspective – don’t be selfish.” Someone might suggest going to a swanky art museum, or a fish market and all you want to do is hit the nearest pub and down a few jager bombs. This is where you have to suck up and go along, you might actually enjoy it or learn something new. If you don’t like it, the pub and jager bombs will still be waiting for you. If you’re looking for things to do in Krakow check out some of our favourites.

#4 interrailing Must have items

Below have listed some must-have items that you need to make sure you have packed to have a more enjoyable interrailing trip.

neck pillow

This should be obvious to most people, but we had to put it down just in case you forget. It will turn the shitty train seats into a little be less shitty seats that you can sort of sleep in.

deck or cards

You probably won’t have wi-fi on some trains, and your mobile phone battery can go flat so a deck of playing cards will help you kill time and a deck of UNO will help you lose your friends. For soem more exciting things to play check out our drunking games guide.

ear plugs

You’ll be in close quarters for most of the trip, so there is bound to be a snorer in the group who you need to block out.

power bank

It’s worth paying a little bit extra for a decent portable charger. Your phone or iPad will thank you. It will make the long train rides fly past, and you’ll always have enough charge to take that extra selfie.

good headphones

Try to get some noise-cancelling headphones if possible. It helps to block out all that unwanted complaints from your friends about how hungover they are.

Sanitary Items

Wet wipes and antibacterial hand-wash; These two items are probably the most underrated but can be the most valuable. Let’s say you’re on a night train someone in the Balkans and nature calls, so you stroll down to the communal toilet you open the door and what you see is worse than any horror movie you have ever seen. These two items will be your lifeline in making it out of the toilet without contracting anything.