1. €€ to Drunkenness Ratio (Value for money)

Pub Crawls are by far the best value for money when it comes to your dollar to drunkenness ration. What is this ratio? Well, it’s the ratio that you measure when you’re in the liquor store looking at the percentage amounts on all the vodkas and checking how many standard drinks you can get with the coins you scraped together from the bottom of your bag. Most crawls include free entry and free welcome shots which is a significant saving because no one should pay to get into a place that you want to spend your money. If the crawl includes a power hour of unlimited drinks, the Drunkenness Ratio is through the roof.

pub crawl krakow

2. Easy to meet people

Easy to meet people basically means you can try hit on every guy/girl in the group. Typically when going out, you are with a few friends and approaching random people can seem very very daunting, especially if you haven’t got much of that liquid courage into you yet. Because you are on a pub crawl, you can go up to every person in the group and introduce yourself. The best part is that you wont to get slapped, yelled at or look like a weirdo.

krakow pub crawl

3. Designated Sober Guides

There is a designated sober person to look after you. We all hate having to look after our drunk friends, but we all do it because we are just such great people. On the crawl, you can forget about that because there are professional guides who are getting paid to do that for you.

krakow pub crawl

4. No waiting in lines

You never have to worry about not getting inside, as pub crawls skip the annoying lines and having to wait two hours. You go straight into the venue and let’s be honest, your that wasted you probably would have been not let in on your own anyway.

krakow pub crawl

5. Convenience 

It’s just so damn easy, theirs no thinking involved and we all hate overthinking, let alone when we are blind drunk in a foreign city and don’t know what’s what. Someone else does all the thinking and worrying about where to go next for you.

Krakow Pub Crawl

6. Crazy is Normal 

The best part is you can get as crazy as you want and it doesn’t matter if you end up running down the street naked or sleeping in your own vomit as you’ll most likely never see the people on the crawl again.

Krakow Pub Crawl