We all love New Year’s Eve, but unfortunately, things never seem to go as planned. The plan to have an unforgettable crazy alcohol fulled night of popping bottles and living large somehow slips through your hands every New Year’s Eve. It might be because you didn’t plan enough and under-budgeted! Well, this year is different as we have put together this guide to make sure you have an unforgettable New Years Eve in Krakow this year.


Krakow is one of the most popular tourist cities in Krakow and is getting busier every year, and this New Year’s is no exception. We recommend booking at least 3-4 months in advance if you would like to get any decent accommodation that isn’t extremely overpriced. It is best to avoid any accommodation in the main square as many of the street are blocked off and hard to sleep when you eventually finish partying.

 Pack Warm (or drink mulled wine)

The weather gets freezing in Krakow, and it can get as low as -10 degrees celsius. Over New Year’s Eve in Krakow, it gets typically as low as -3 so make sure you pack very warm. If you forget to pack a few extra layers or load up on some delicious mulled wine before you leave your hotel or hostel every day.


New Year’s Eve in Krakow is prime time for scammers, and it can be hard to recognise one so make sure you check out our full list of nighttime scams

Main Square

The main square in Krakow is host to a massive free New Year’s Eve concert and entertainment. The main square concert is the biggest of all events happening in the city, here is also going to be one in Nowa Huta District, and another one in Kazimierz District. The main square entertainment will be a mix of different live performances hip-hop, rap and electronic music. All the performances are mixed in with a spectacular lights show and a final New Year’s Eve Countdown. The show starts at 8:15 PM and will finish at 2:00 AM. Make sure you stay alert and remember which roads are closed as you fort enter the main square as it can be very tricky when leaving, as thousands of people leave a the same time. For updates and exact details, check out the city’s dedicated website: sylwester.krakow.pl.

Pre-book dinner

This one is a bit of common sense. Krakow will be extremely busy, so if you want to have anything decent, you need to book well in advance, one of our favourite restaurants is Nadwiślańska Resto & Vodka Bar.

Here is a list of a few more of our favouries

Join a Pub Crawl

Thousands of people will be celebrating around the old town, so this means that nearly all bars and clubs are super busy and they also raise the prices for entry and drinks. The best way to have a great night but not break the bank is to join our “Ballin on a Budget” New New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl. We will start the night off with a 2-hour open bar of unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka, whisky, champagne and mixer. We then visit Krakow’s #1 Karaoke bar and of course drink some more, we then finish at one of Krakow’s best night clubs in the centre of the Old Town, just in time for the countdown. All this for only €35. Book tickets here.