updated for NYE for 2022

We all love New Year’s Eve, but unfortunately, things never seem to go as planned. The plan to have an unforgettable crazy alcohol-fueled night of popping bottles and living large somehow slips through your hands every New Year’s Eve. It might be because you didn’t plan enough or were under-budgeted! This year is different becuase we have put together this guide to make sure you have an unforgettable New Years’ Eve in Krakow.

In this guide, we will show you:

– Where is best to stay in Krakow during New Year’s Eve

– What’s the weather like in Krakow during New’ Year’s Eve

– Scams to watch out for during New year’s Eve in Krakow

– What’s on in Krakow during New Year’s Eve

– What clubs and bars are open in Krakow during New Year’s Eve

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Krakow is one of Poland’s most popular tourist cities and is getting busier every year, and this New Year’s in Krakow is no exception. We recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance if you want to get decent accommodation that isn’t highly overpriced.


If you’re looking to party 24/7, an excellent party hostel located in the Old Town but not in the main square is The Little Havana Party Hostel. They have a Cuban theme, over 100 beds a cool common room, nightly pub crawls, and the Cuba Libres never stop flowing.  For something a bit more relaxed and with a homey feel, you can try Ginger Hostel. For some more hostel recommendations, you can check out this great article.


It is best to avoid accommodation directly in the center of the main square as many of the streets are blocked off and hard to sleep when you eventually finish partying. Krakow has an excellent public transport network that runs all night, so you can stay a bit further out from the center and not worry about not getting home. 

If you’re looking for pure luxury, then Kanonicza 22 is the place for you. It’s got everything you could want and more(even a rooftub hottub that over looks the vastle and river). If you don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet but still treat yourself, INX Design Hotel is a great option. Krakow has a wide variety of great hotels and apartments on Airbnbs that can meet anyone’s budget. For more great hotels, check out this guide.

Pack Warm (or drink mulled wine)

During winter, the weather gets freezing in Krakow, and it can get as low as -10 degrees celsius. Over New Year’s Eve in Krakow, it gets typically as low as -3, so make sure you pack warm clothing. Most bars and restaurants have indoor and outdoor heating, and you can still enjoy all of Krakow without having to be stuck inside.

If you forget to pack a few extra layers, you can head out to some of the many food and drink markets located around the main square and load up on some delicious mulled wine. Even if you’re not staying in the Old Town, most bars and pubs will have mulled wine or even mulled beer available. It is illegal to drink in public in Krakow, but the police tend to look the other with mulled wine on a cold evening.


New Year’s Eve in Krakow is prime time for scammers, and it can be hard to recognize one.

The most common is when bartenders will not say the price of the drink and give you the most expensive option, which can be 3 to 4 times what you should be paying. It’s best always to ask the price or double-check this drinks menu.

Another scam is small children will come up and offer you a flower and say it’s a gift, but as soon as you take it from them, they will demand money from you.

Avoid all currency exchanges in the Old Town as they give terrible rates and can sometimes cheat you. This one is common for most tourist destinations, but we think it’s still important to mention.

For more scams to watch out for, you can check out our complete list of nighttime scams.

ready for your night out this New Years eve?

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What’s on in Krakow during New Year’s Eve

Every new year’s eve in Krakow, the city hosts a massive free New Year’s Eve Krakow concert and entertainment with multiple stages and events all over the city.

Main Square

The show in the main square is the most exciting of all events happening around the city. The entertainment is a mix of different live performances, hip-hop, rap, and electronic music. All the performances are enhanced with a spectacular lights show and a final New Year’s Eve Countdown. Although it is New Year’s Eve, they do not have a fireworks display. The show starts at 8:15 PM and will finish at 2:00 AM. Make sure you stay alert and remember which roads are closed as you enter the main square as it can be tricky when leaving, as thousands of people go at the same time. For updates and exact details, check out the city’s dedicated website: http://sylwester.krakow.pl./

Rynek Podgórski 

This is a better option if you’re staying in Kazimierz or Podgarze as it’s a short walk and just as exciting as the show in the main square. This small triangular market square has a stage that hosts many local bands and singers to help bring in the New Year. Once this party finishes, there is a wide range of bars close by to continue the party.

Aleja Róz in Nowa Huta. 

This event is the largest of all the shows in Krakow and hosts a range of DJs that play all night and take the crowd on a musical journey into the New Year.

Do I need to prebook dinner?

If you want anything nice, you will need to prebook. Krakow will be extremely busy, so you need to book well in advance if you’re going to have anything decent. One of our favorite restaurants is Miedzymiastowa

Here is a list of a few more of our favorites:

Warsztat Restaurant & Café – tradational polish food

Molám Thai Canteen & Bar  – irrissiatable Thai food meant to share

Euskadi Restaurant – modern Spanish tapas

Nolio – the best pizza in Krakow

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What bars and clubs are open during New Years Eve in Krakow

Every bar and club in the city will be open on New Year Eve, but the entry price can range from 50 to 200PLN (45EUR). Like we mentioned earlier, some streets in the old town are blocked off or set as one way even for pedestrians, so it can be hard to reach some clubs. Check out this guide to Krakow Nightlife to see some of our favourites. If your looking to rave, then these Techno Clubs might be for you..

Some of the best clubs in Krakow are:

Four Music Club.

La Bodega Del Ron

Prozak 2.0

How to save money on New Years Eve

Thousands of people will be celebrating around the old town for New Year’s Eve Krakow, so this means that nearly all bars and clubs are busy and most raise the prices for entry and drinks. The best way to have a great night but not break the bank is to join our “Ballin on a Budget” New New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl.

Your night starts off with a 2-hour open bar of unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka, whisky, champagne, and mixers. Then you visit Krakow’s #1 Karaoke bar and, of course, drink some more. After all this, we finish at one of Krakow’s best nightclubs in the Old Town, just in time for the countdown. All this for only €35. Book tickets here.

Once the party is over and you need to come back to life the Check out our Hostel Hangover cure for the morning after

What to do on New Year’s Day

Like most people on New Years Day in Krakow, you’ll be waking up after midday with a throbbing headache. A tasty breakfast (or brunch) will fix you up. Luckily for you Krakow has a lot to offer in this area. Below are the best places to cure your hangover.

Charlotte – crossants and champagne  

Toaster – Cassic toasted cheese and bacon sandwiches 

Hala Forum – a food hall and bar with a variety to choose from

Tomasza Milk Bar -All day breakfast (our favorite is the Irish breakfast)

Miedzymiastowa – a modern resutne aiwht great food and cotails 

Mr. Pancake – the best pancakes and burgers in Krakow

ready for your night out this New Years eve?

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Final Words 

Krakow is a great city to visit over New Year and has something for everyone. Just remember to pack warm and get ready for a lot of vodka shots. Please let us know if you need any further information or recommendations about New Year’s Eve in Krakow.