We have put together this comprehensive list of all the worst scams in Krakow and tourist traps in Krakow to avoid so that you can enjoy your time in Krakow. If you’re looking for a great and safe night out in Krakow, you can book tickets to our pub crawl here or from the Book Now button at the top of this page.

Street Girls

When you’re tipsy and aimlessly walking around late at night looking for a good nightclub, not knowing what to do, two friendly and good-looking ladies will come up to you and say that they are not from around here and ask for some advice on what bar to go to. (Unless you look like Brad Pitt, this isn’t normal for most people) They will then try to take you to a bar or strip club nearby, unknowingly to you; they work for that bar. When you arrive there, they will ask you for a drink, and being the upstanding person you are, you will get them one, and this is where they scam you.

The drinks here are about 10 to 20 times the regular price in Krakow, and the drink menus don’t have any prices on them. When it comes time to leave, their big scary security comes out, and you have no choice but to pay the ridiculously high bill if you want to leave in one piece.

Tinder Scam

Tinder Scam Krakow

This one is mainly for the guys. If a beautiful woman on Tinder is interested in you and asks you to go to the movies or theatre with her, be very careful or ask her to pay.

Here why.

The scammer will invite you for a drink but then say you should go to the theatre or movies first. They will send you a link to a genuine website and tell you to buy a ticket. They will say they will buy their own ticket to not want you to pay and to believe in the scam more. They will then show you the ticket and advise you to buy a seat next to them. And Luky, there is one seat left that’s just next to hers.

Your card will be charged, and you won’t get an email; the girl will ask if you got the ticket, which they don’t send you. She will then advise you to contact support if you didn’t get it, as she really wants to go with you.

When you contact support, they will ask for your card details, and you’ll get charged again. The girl you’ve been talking to will disappear, and you’ll then realise you’re not going to any show and you’ve just been scammed.

Flower gift scam

This is the easiest to spot out of all the scams in Krakow. While walking around the Old Town in Krakow, you might be approached by small children who will present you with a rose and ask you to take it as a gift. They will then open a book with a stock google images photo of a sick child, tell you a sob story about their sick siblings, and ask you for money. These people are lying, and you should avoid these people and their scams at all costs.


This might not need to be listed under scams in Krakow as it is more of a public warning. The Krakow Crawl does not condone the use or sale of any form of banned substances. That being said, if you still need your fix, you should be very careful as 99% of the stuff people sell around Krakow is very low quality and highly toxic. Often what people say they are offering(MDMA or Coke) is actually just cheap substitutes that will leave you feeling horrible and with a terrible comedown that can ruin your trip to Krakow. We advise sticking to the local vodkas as they are strong enough.

Ordering drinks

When ordering drinks at clubs, it is very important that you specify exactly what brand of alcohol you would like, or the bar staff will pour the most expensive top-shelf liquor they have, and you will end up paying five times more than you should. This is because most bartenders make a commission on what they sell and often try to scam tourists.

We advise when ordering to just asking for the cheapest option available. You are in Poland, so you should, of course, be drinking Polish vodka. Wyborowa is an excellent quality Polish vodka that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

ATM/Cash points

 Some cash-points around Krakow will give you terrible exchange rates and charge you high fees. Here is a great video that explains the same scam in Prague. 

Currency Exchange

All over Krakow, you will find currency exchanges that offer 0% commission on the exchange. They do this because the exchange rate is terrible, and you will end up losing more money than what the commission would be. There are two excellent Currency Exchange exchanges that we recommend that always have the best rate and they are located on the top floor of the shopping center above Krakow train station called Galleria Krakowska and one at Karmelicka 1, 31-133 Kraków

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An easy scam in Krakow to get trapped by is getting into the wrong taxi. Always make sure your taxi is a fully licensed taxi, or they will charge you whatever price they see fit. The best way to make you are getting into the correct taxi is to call one and book it via the phone via Mega Taxi, Radio Taxi or Eko Taxi. Uber and Bolt also work in Krakow and are usually cheaper, but they both can’t drive into the Old Town and some other restricted roads.

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Strip Clubs

Avoid them at all costs. If you’re a gentleman, you won’t have any issue with this, but for all the others out there, please avoid them. Unlike the upstanding and family-friendly strip clubs you’ll find in other European cities, the ones in Krakow are just there to steal tourists’ money.

If you walk through the Old Town during the night, you will be continuously bothered by annoying promoters trying to get you in their strip club. Strip clubs in Krakow are often disguised as Cabaret bars or other inconspicuous things like a whiskey bar. A common issue is when you are paying for items on your debit/credit card, they will say that you have entered the incorrect PIN and ask you to try again, but in fact, they are just charging you multiple times. Another is when ordering drinks, you will be charged a ridiculously high price, and due to the size and demeanour of the security, you will be forced to pay it.

There have also been cases of people having sprytus(95% alcohol) added to their drinks to make them more intoxicated and easier to take advantage of. In Krakow, you can find so many friendly and great-looking locals who frequent all the bars and clubs, so there is no need to go to a strip club.

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