Krakow is a great place to visit in summer, but it sure isn’t famous for being a summer destination. This might be because we don’t have any beaches, and unless you are blind drunk or crazy, you wouldn’t want to swim in the Wisla River. But we do have some refreshing lakes in Krakow.

After a hard day of trying not to act to hungover on a walking tour and eating out, you might want to go for a dip and cool off. So we have the best place for you.

That place is Zakrzowek lake. Until 2017 it was forbidden to swim here as it can be hazardous. This is due to it being an abandoned quarry with treacherous rock cliffs and old metal fragments everywhere. Of course, that didn’t stop any of the locals who needed a place to relax, enjoy a drink and swim. However, now you can visit for the small fee of 10zl.  

There have several areas where you can swim and hang out safely with lifeguards watching over. Or you can do as the locals do, which is find a quieter place under the shade and near some cliffs that are perfect for jumping off.

The best way to get there is from tram number 18 from stop Teatr Bagatela and get off at Norym Berska then walk about 10 minutes. You can use the jakdojade app or website to check times. It’s always good to bring all your own food, water and drinks as there are no shops close by. Don’t forget, it’s still dangerous in some parts, and alcohol is not allowed, so be careful.

We have put together a short video with the team at The Little Havana Party Hostel last time we went for a swim. For more of the best lakes in Krakow to cool off, our friends at the Krakow Boat Party, have listed the top 3 places to cool down in summer.

Zakrzowek lake

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