Krakow Nightlife has a lot to offer and over the years, we’ve drunk hundreds of shots and even more beers at some of the best bars, clubs, and pubs around our city and discovered all of Krakow’s Nightlife. We did this to find out precisely what is the best, cheapest, craziest, most fun place to party and where to avoid. Even we were supersized at what we found.

This is of course just some of our favorites, and there are many other great places around Krakow and if you find any you think should be on the list, then please let us know.

We have put them into categories for you and with a little bit of information and some photos, if you need any extra recommendations on what to do, send us an email or FB message, and we will be happy to help.


Prozak 2.0

Prozak is one of Krakow’s oldest and most infamous clubs and the undisputed home of Techno in Krakow. With so many different rooms, nooks and crannies, Prozak can be likened to a labyrinth where you can easily lose yourself in the musical maze! Check out their awesome promo video here.

Dress Code: Hipster or Casual

Prozak 2.0 Krakow

Szpitalna 1

This club is a breeding ground of techno in Krakow Nightlife, with some massive names playing here. The well respected Unsound festival is also having some of there events there every year, which we definitely recommend to check out of you are here at that time. But most importantly, they also support those less well-known and inexperienced artists that drive the techno seen ahead.

Dress Code: Hipster or Casual

Szpitalna 1


Four Music club

4 Club in Krakow stands out as the unrivalled gem among nightclubs in the city, captivating party-goers with its unparalleled energy and unforgettable experiences. From the moment you step inside, you are enveloped by a vibrant atmosphere and an electric ambience. The club’s cutting-edge sound system and visually stunning lighting arrangements create an immersive sensory experience that elevates every night to new heights. With an impressive lineup of DJs and live performances, 4 Club consistently delivers top-notch entertainment, ensuring that every guest is transported to a realm of euphoria. Its sleek and modern design, coupled with impeccable service, adds to the allure, making 4 Club the ultimate destination for those seeking an extraordinary night out in Krakow.

Dress Code: Casual but nice

Teatro Cubano

Previously a university lecture room now turned into a Cuban dance hall and by far Krakow’s most popular place to party. Cheap drink specials, a great mix of Cuban, Latino, and commercial music that everyone can dance to. They also have a small bar at the front of the venue with a kitchen that serves shots and delicious sliders all night long. Get there early or wait a very long time or pay 10zl to get an express entry pass.

Dress Code: Casual

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They focus on great music, an amazing atmosphere and a very classy decor to match this. The atmosphere of the club is mainly created by fantastic music. There are three well-prepared bars, two dance floors and comfortable and stylish VIP Rooms.

Dress Code: Nice but still casual

La Bodega del Ron  

The Rum Cellar – Move back in time to La Bodega Del Ron, a Rum Cellar straight from the Prohibition era, mysterious distilleries, and their owners. Listen to the whisper of Latin Caribbean spirits giving a fiery aftertaste to your professionally prepared cocktails. Enjoy Bacardi Cuba Libre with your friends, meet new friends over the refreshing Bacardi Mojito, and dance at night to Latin rhythms mixed with the greatest pop hits of all time, sipping Bacardi Daiquiri.

Krakow Boat Party

Although it’s technically not a nightclub, it’s definitely one of Krakow’s best parties and gives you the full experience of Nightlife in Krakow. On the Krakow Boat Party, you’ll party for 2-hours as you cruise up and down the Vistula river while enjoying unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka, mixers, live DJ, photographer, and photo booth. After that, the party continues with an after-party pub crawl to three of Krakow’s best clubs with a free welcome shot and free entry at each venue.

Relaxed & Cool Bars

Anti Cafe

Just off the main square, this dark and trendy “cafe” has chilled music and relaxed tables, and great craft beer. It’s dark and cozy with fabulous wall art with funky photos adorning the walls. Anti Cafe is a favorite with local in Krakow Nightlife.


Alchemia is one of Krakow’s oldest bars, candlelit with alchemist tools on the walls and ceilings. Each of its different rooms and cellar has a unique atmosphere. Almost anyone can find their nook. Downstairs you can regularly catch a range of local and international bands that play there. They also have a cool indoor smoking section and great food.


The bar/cafe/club is situated on the bottom floor of a monstrous abandoned communist error hotel. In summer you can lounge outside in their massive beer garden, which overlooks beautiful views of Wawle Castle and the Wisla river, while you sip on some of the many refreshing craft beers they have on tap. In winter, you can cozy up inside and relax at the bar or around some of the funky tables and beanbags.


Featuring a colourful design, hand-painted menus and homemade vodka infusions in some crazy flavours, their cocktails are very affordable and the local DJs who play there every Friday & Saturday manage to conjure up a perfectly chilled out atmosphere. Very popular with locals. A good alternative for nearby Alchemia, which is always packed.


The bar is named after its location in a passage walkway that is just off the main square. You’ll find a pallet couch filled beer garden with great music blaring late into the night and lots of cozy couches and beanbags inside sit back and sip some cocktails and enjoy the music

Sports Bars & English Pubs

442 Sport Pub

This is one of the most popular sports bars in Krakow, but it has already become know as the #1 sports bar in Krakow and one of the best in Poland. Located in the heart of the Old Town, 442 Sports Pub has been kitted out with flat screens on just about every wall over the multi-level complex and decor that will make any football fan feel right at home.

Bulldog Bar & Bull Pub

Two of the most popular English Pubs in Krakow and are located just next to the main and on the same street.

Polish Shot Bars

Bunia Luka & Pijalnia piwa i wódki

You’ll find Pijalnia and Bunia Luka all over Krakow as they are both chains, but that doesn’t hinder the experience at all. Most people pop in for a quick shot of beer on the way home or before a night out, as all drinks are only 4zl (yes that’s right a beer, shot or wine is only €1), you’ll still find a nice mixture of locals and tourists perched up there for the night.

Image Source: Bunia Luka & Pijalnia piwa i wódki

Wodka Cafe

Wodka cafe is one of the smallest bars in Krakow but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular bars for locals and tourists alike. This cozy little bar is located in the Old Town just off the main square on Mikołajska street. They offer a wide range of flavored and traditional polish vodkas served on cute vodka sipping glasses in sets of 6 on a wooden tray. They are meant for sharing but we think you can keep them all just for yourself.

For more vodka bars check out our full guide to Krakow Vodka Bars.

Garden Pubs


In the middle of the Jewish Quarter, this beer garden is a local favourite and situated next to the very recognizable set from Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. Open from April to October this Garden bar is part of the restaurant across the road.

Klub RE

A few minutes from the always crowded Main Square, this bar/club has everything you need for a great night – cheap beers, great music, hidden nooks perfect for just chilling, and even a small dance floor within the smoking area. In the summer, their garden is a must-do. They also organize live music concerts every once in a while, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page.

Cocktail Bars

Bubble Toast

It’s all in the name, Bubble toast has a unique cocktail menu that focuses on prosecco and champagne paired with a simple but tasty list of open toats. This out of the world cocktail bar is an Instagramers best friend, you can take a fantastic shot from any angle in here. This is one of the best bars in Krakow and one that shouldn’t be missed.


This hidden away cocktail bar in the Jewish Quarter, although this place is fancy and has 25zl top-quality cocktails that are made by some of the best barmen in Krakow, it also has a very likable rough feeling to the venue which works very well.

Mercy Brown

Like a lot of Krakow Nightlife, this cocktail bar is hidden away just off the main square above a restaurant, a stylish and warm interior of an upper-class bar from the 1930’s. Like Sababa, their drinks are not cheap, but you view an artistic performance when they make their cocktails and only with the highest quality ingredients.

Jazz Clubs


It is a unique place where you can listen to great music while drinking delicious beverages, an aromatic beer, or savoring the taste of a stronger drink. Everyone will find something special here, as Harris Club prefers all kinds of jazz – from classics to new age. That diversity is crucial since, thanks to it, it’s possible to satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.


The Art Acoustic Jazz Club is a music club located one minute from the Main Square, at ul. Szewska 12. Opened in the 1990s, it has the reputation of one of the best Polish jazz clubs. Many giants of the world jazz scene performed on regularly held concerts here. In the era of universal commercialization, PiecArt retained its unique – artistic character. If your looking for more love music check out our guide to lice music in Krakow.

Craft Beer

Tea Time

A British themed pub. They brew delicious, authentic, English real ales to perfection. Their beers are served via hand pumps from casks located in the cold cellar under the bar, direct to your glass at the bar! With 17 of their own crafted beers, this place is a must for all craft beer lovers. If your looking for more craft beer check out our full guide to craft beer in Krakow.

Karaoke & Comedy

Mr. Vavelsky Garden & Pub

It is Krakow’s favorite karaoke bar and beer garden. This place has a unique atmosphere. The restored medieval basement will take you on a journey through time. The unique decoration are like nothing else in Krakow. They have a fire breathing dragon on the dance floor and perform cocktail fire shows on there steal bar. This is one of the stops on our Pub Crawl.

Krakow Standup Comedy

Kraków Standup Comedy is defining & refining the English language comedy scene in Kraków! They are the oldest and longest-running English standup show in the city and have weekly comedy events include Open Mics nights & Headliner Shows. Check out their Facebook page for the next event.

Places to Avoid

Most strip clubs – Strip clubs are normally bad places to visit but they are extra dirty and scamey in Krakow, unless you want to get scammed out of all your money you should avoid them. If you want some more tips on how to survive Krakow Nightlife, check out our Krakow Nightlife Survival Guide and 5 scams to avoid