We all love to go out for a few drinks and make an absolute fool of ourselves in front of people will most likely never see again after a  hard day of travelling.  It’s hard work taking selfies in front of buildings and statues we know nothing about. Its even harder eating all the overpriced food at tourist traps and getting hounded by every tom dick and harry who wants you to come to there store/restaurant and see the useless shit they are trying to sell to you. But the hangover that comes with it the next morning can take up a lot of the time that could be spent walking the streets and being the obnoxious tourist no one realises that they are.

Not killing yourself and getting through a hangover can be a struggle in the comfort in your own home but it gets even worse when you’re in a hostel sharing a dorm with 10+ people, so what we have done for you is put together an extraordinary step by step guide to battle the hangover while you’re travelling.

Getting from your bed to the common room kitchen for a bite to eat to soothe your sorrows or the nearest pharmacy to crush that killer headache thanks to the ten Jager bombs you decided were a good idea at 5 am can seem like an uphill battle that just can’t be won. If you’re in a place where you don’t speak the language, it gets even harder. All these reasons make prepping for your hangover is an absolute must. First, you need to get a small toiletries bag(a plastic bag will also be ok), and this will become your hangover medical-kit, this is probably the most critical thing to travel with besides your passport or some condoms.  Firstly  will list all the items then walk you through the process.

1.Pain Killers – this is an obvious one, but most people forget it as you’ll find out because everyone in your room will be asking for some when they know you have some. ( Pro Tip: try to stoke up on some powerful stuff if you’re ever in one of those dodgy countries with less than strict practical laws).

2. Berocca Tablets(vitamin C) –  Orange juice helps typically clear up a hangover quick smart your body uses most of its nutrients and Vitamins to help process the toxins of alcohol. So to replace these vitamins is vital. But it’s not practical to travel with 50 litres of OJ in your backpack, so vitamin C tablets are a great alternative, they don’t taste as good as free OJ but stop your winging all we care about it trying to get rid of that hangover.

3.Caffeine Tablets – Again we would typically have an energy drink, but caffeine tablets do the trick and save a lot of space.

4.Small Comfort Food – I usually have some small kinder  chocolates but choose whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, this is more of a pick me up for the heart and souls than the hangover

Now people usually give you the old drink one glass of water for every drink, but when you’re smashing tequila shots faster than your smashing out 90s dance moves on the d floor, you don’t have time.​​

As soon as you wake up to smash down some painkillers and caffeine tablets, with your Berocca water, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any nice cold bottled water, some dirty brown hostel tap water will suffice, just get those pills into you. Head straight to the toilet for an “AGB”, this stands for After Grog Bog or in simpler terms take a shit and piss, gets rid of all those demons and everything else so you can start to rebuild yourself for the oncoming day.

Now it’s time to hop back into bed for grab that comfort food and think of more pleasant times and how you’re never going to drink again, as the caffeine tablets can take up to 30 minutes to take effect, use this time to relax and bring yourself together or have another quick 15-20 power nap. I’m not sure what it is about having a second nap, but it always helps.

Time to hit the shower and clean away all last night’s regrets. Once you’re feeling a little bit fresher, head to the closest fast food restaurant and get the greasiest food available. Pro Tip: when you’re on the way back to the hostel on the previous night, and you stop off for a late night kebab or cheeseburger, take a little extra something greasy that you can save for the morning, so you don’t have to leave the hostel. Of course, if you are getting lucky and taking someone home then this might not be an option, and the upcoming cardio should help you sweat out some toxins, after all this, you should be almost 100% and ready to go.

If all this fails then there is only one option, get straight back on the horse start drinking and don’t look back.

If your at home reading this and have a bit more time to cure that hangover then check out “MASTERING THE ‘TWO HOUR HANGOVER CURE” by people at Your Friends House