One of the best thing about going on holiday is throwing your diet out the window and trying amazing new foods and eating untill your pants don’t fit anymore. And the best place to do this is at a food truck park, that’s because you can sample a wide range of delicious cuisine at the one place. So we have put together this list of the 5 best food truck parks in Krakow


Located next to Jordan Park and Błoni Bezogorek food truck park feels like a secret garden. The park is open every day and hosts special events on weekends all throughout the year, the evnts range from kids day out, bring your dog to DJ’s and cooking classes. So make sure you check out their facebook page for more info.

Address: Piastowska 20, 30-065 Kraków

Dworek –  Street food park

This food truck park is located between Krakow’s next to Krakow’s main shopping centre and train/bus station. The park is small but has a very chilled out feel due to its sand-filled courtyard, pallet couches and deckchairs. The park has a screen on which we display films on the occasion of the Outdoor Cinema. Check there facbook page for dates. The park also hosts to Krakow’s #1 ice cream shop GoodLood

Address: Pawia 30, 31-154 Kraków

food truck park krakow

Dworek –  Street food park

This park is arguably the most famous of all the food truck parks in Krakow. Its popularity can be accredited to “Judah“, the massive mural located on the side of one of the buildings that face the park.

Address: Świętego Wawrzyńca 16, 33-332 Kraków

Skwer Judah food truck park krakow

Mural Food Truck Square

Thie small part is the newest food truck park in Krakow, and it is bar far the nicest. This small square is located just around the hipster complex Dolnych Młynów. The square has a two-story patio bar that is thoroughly heated; it also has a very modern and comfortable dining area and a lush garden and street art.

Address: Krupnicza 24, 31-123 Kraków

mural food truck park krakow

Plac Izaaka

This food truck park is located next to Isaac Synagogue in the hear of Kazimierz hidden away down one of the many winding ally ways in Kazimierz. This food truck park is a great place to try some polish street food and soak up the history and culture of the Jewish quatre.

Address: Róg ulicy Ciemnej i, Jakuba, 31-057 Kraków

plac izaaka food truck park krakow