Most people know Krakow for two things, it’s old and beautiful or it’s cheap and great to party. We are here to tell you that Krakow has so much more to offer than great vodka, tasty dumplings and beautiful churches. So we have put together our list of the top 7 ADVENTURE KRAKOW events that will get your blood pumping.

Bumper Ball – Also know as bubble football or Zorb Soccer, it is a cross between soccer and a big inflated beach ball. It’s a great way to kick around a football with mates while simultaneously running full speed into them knocking them halfway across the field. It sure does help you blow off some steam. But don’t worry about getting hurt as your upper body is fully enclosed in an inflated bubble.

Shooting – Never shot a gun before? No problem. Don’t have a gun license? No Problem. Extensive criminal record? No problem. Scared you might accidentally shoot your foot off? No problem. In Krakow, you can visit any of the various shooting ranges and shoot a wide range of high powered guns with nothing more than purchasing a ticket. Some of the guns available are AK-47, Uzi, Smith&Wesson 38, Taurus 44, Winchester Pump action shot Gun, Glock 17. You can also bring along extra items to shoot and explode(we recommend watermelons and soft drink cans).

Sky Diving – Not for the faint-hearted, take a 50-second dive from a moving plane at 200km and try not to scream for your life while taking in the breathtaking birds-eye view of Krakow. If it’s your first time you will be diving in tandem with a fully licensed and experienced instructor. we recommend booking through

Axe Throwing – Weather you want to blow off some steam or just have a little fun, this is a great way to spend a few hours in Krakow. It’s a bit like bowling except instead of a ball you have a razor-sharp hatchet axe and your throwing it at a wooden target.

Go Jumping – It’s basically a trampoline on steroids. Jump from wall to wall, get airborne when dunking a basketball, then into an endless sponge pit, all without any effort or a worry of hurting yourself.

Mountain Adventure – While this one isn’t really in Krakow, it’s not too far and definitely worth it. About 1.5 hours south of Krakow you will find the picturses Tatra mountains, this 211.64 km2 national part spreads all the way from Poland into Slovakia. You can hike, climb, go canoe and even go whitewater rafting here. Unfortunately, you cant camp here but you wouldn’t want to stay here after dark due to the brown bears.

EnergyLandia – Just outside Krakow(50km) you’ll find Poland’s biggest theme park, Energylandia. This newly built theme-park is around 26 hectors and is being extended every year, it also has one of the biggest rollercoasters in eastern Europe.

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