The best way to stay warm in the cold weather is of course I nice drink in a warm cosy bar or pub. So we have put together our list of the cosiest bars in Krakow.

Antycafe – A super cool bar that’s dark and cosy, with fantastic wall art pictures adorning the walls. It really is a great place to visit, with a wide selection of cocktails and craft beers, it’s also worth mentioning their selection of speciality hot chocolates. They have a separated

indoor smokers section and enough room for large groups yet still feeling intimate for small groups.

Mojito Cafe – You’ll find them in heart of Krakow’s Jewish district – Kazimierz, right next to the Plac Nowy. During the day Mojito Caffe is a coffee shop but in the evening it turns into a cocktail bar. They have only use the highest quality products for there speciality menu of handcrafted cocktails.


Propaganda -One of the smallest bars in Krakow, the walls are plastered with communist scrap and propaganda and sometimes it’s hard to tell whos older, the patrons or the decor.  Retro seats on the first floor and a few comfy and couches down in their cosy basement. Old Polish punk, ska and metal playing in the background but definitely, a place not to be missed even if it’s for 1 quick beer.

Alchemia – One of Krakow’s oldest bars, candlelit with alchemist tools on the walls and ceilings. With each of its different rooms and cellar having a unique atmosphere, almost anyone can find their nook to get cosy in. The low lighting, old style decor and candle lights mixed with some or there amazing mulled wine will make you want to stay there all night. They also have a cool indoor smoking section and a great food selection.


Kraina Szeptów – Or Land of Whispers in English.
Centred in Kazimierz, like most places here its a cafe during the day and a bar at night, it is deceptively small but extremely cosy and great to relax over some of their amazing cocktails and conversation with friends.


Dym cafe Bar – A dark and relaxed cafe filled aged men sitting on the rickety wooden chairs drinking espressos by day,  candlelit in the evenings, its filled with all sorts, young and old drinking shots and wine beneath the odd painting hanging on the bare concrete walls. Drinks here are cheap and the staff are always up for a chat.