We all love travelling but most of us like to do it on as little money as possible so we can spend an extra dollar, euro or Zloty on one more Jager bomb at 3:00 am. So we have compiled a list of the five best free things to do in Krakow.

1. Wawel Castle
Take a walk down to the beautiful gothic castle and walk check out all tombs off all the kings who ruled Poland. There are free sections as well as some paid areas of the Castle, but we recommend just going to the spaces open to the public free of charge  and then relaxing with a beer in the courtyard.

2.Free walking tours
So this one isn’t entirely free as you are generally expected to tip something at the end of the journey even if it’s only a few euros, but they are almost always worth it as they go for 2+ hours and you can get a lot of great info and recommendations. In Krakow our friends at City Walks Krakow have you covered.

3.Free Museum Entry

In Krakow, every museum has free entrance on a different day of the week

Monday– Schindler Factory Museum: Free every Monday except the first Monday of every month as it’s closed

Tuesday –  Rynek Underground Museum: Free on Tuesdays except for the first Tuesday of every month as it’s closed

Tuesday – The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK)): Free every Tuesday

Wednesday – Museum Botanical Garden: Free on Wednesdays

Thursday – Nothing today so time for Pub crawl

Sunday -Muzeum Archeologiczne – The Archeology Museum  free every Sunday

Sunday – The National Museum in Krakow: Free On Sundays

Sunday – The Walery Rzewuski  Museum of History of Photography in Krakow: Free on Sundays

4.Krakus Mound
Krakus Mound also called the Krak Mound, located in the Podgórze district of Kraków, Poland; thought to be the resting place of Kraków’s mythical founder, the legendary King Krakus. Look at Krakow with these fantastic views.

5.Swim at Zakrzowek.

What used to be a limestone quarry has now been flooded and has magnificent cliffs to jump off. For many years it was forbidden to swim in Zakrzowek dues to all the dangers, but it has recently been fixed up, and the public is allowed in.