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Krakow Crawl: Why Party with Us?

There are so many different activities and events to choose from when planning your trip to Krakow. Whether your here for the weekend or the week or just passing through for the night you want to make sure you're getting the exciting and memorable experience, so why should spend your time with us partying on the Krakow Pub Crawl? We could write a generic page long section about how much we value [...]

An Epic Boat Party In Krakow

Photo Credit:  If you ever find yourself in Poland you now you have to check out the historic cities of Krakow, & the capital Warsaw. From their medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, to their bustling nightlife a polish getaway is one for the books! These cities chock full of eclectic pubs, energetic nightclubs, but there’s one thing that not many people know about that MUST when you’re in [...]

Polish Vodka & The Best Vodka Bars in Krakow

#1 Nadwislanska Resto & Vodka Bar Although Nadwiślańska is more of a restaurant than a bar, it is one of the top spots in Krakow to go for a drink. The modern and industrial style restaurant and bar has only just opened, but it has already become a massive hit with locals. They stock over 250 different vodkas, and it is arguably the biggest vodka collection of any [...]

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