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Krakow Craft Beer & Where To Find It

At Krakow Crawl we love beer and we understand how hard it can be coming to a new city and not knowing where to go to try the best craft beer. So we have made this guide of the best beers and craft beer bars in Krakow Wezza Krafta - Situated in the hipster area of Dolnych Młynów which was previously a run-down cigarette factory. Wezza Krafta is perfect for real craft beer [...]

Adventure Krakow

Most people know Krakow for two things, it's old and beautiful or it's cheap and great to party. We are here to tell you that Krakow has so much more to offer than great vodka, tasty dumplings and beautiful churches. So we have put together our list of the top 7 ADVENTURE KRAKOW events that will get your blood pumping. Bumper Ball - Also know as bubble football or Zorb [...]