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5 questions you want your Krakow pub crawl guides to answer (but you’re not drunk enough to ask)

If you ’re anything like us, and you’re here to party – and let’s be real, you wouldn’t be googling “pub crawl Krakow” and reading this article right now if you weren’t – chances are you can picture yourself doing what we do for a living. And while leading a group of drunk people around the square is no rocket science, there are certain qualities that you should have [...]

5 tips for handling the summer heat in Kraków

I’m sure that when you think about the weather in Poland, you’re not thinking this: clear blue skies. 30 degrees Celsius. Blinding sun. It’s probably more along the lines of “endless winters, gray post-communist landscape, snow, snow, snow”, right? And because of that, you might not be prepared for what’s to come when you step off the plane on a June morning in Kraków. And in recent years, what’s [...]