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Winter Favorites – What to do in Krakow this Winter

We all love a well-deserved winter holiday, but we don't like, is walking around in the cold not knowing what to do. That's why we have put together a quick list of some of the best things to do in Krakow this winter Markets - It's hard to miss the Markets in Krakow as they are situated in the main square and the small square just next to the [...]

Alternative Krakow- The ultimate pub crawl of Krakow’s Jewish Quarter

Ever plan a great night out in a new city - and end up at the worst bar in town? You're not the only one, and this happens to so many people visiting Krakow. The majority of the best bars are hidden away and hard to find, that's why we've gone out to all of the best bars around Krakow's Jewish Quarter "Kazimierz" and put together the ultimate pub [...]