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Surviving Interrailing and not killing your friends

As a young person, you want to travel the world, explore exotic places, experience new things and get drunk in as many cities as possible. But you’re young, so you’re most likely on a very tight budget, so what do you do?? You go interrailing across Europe. Now obviously, interrailing is an enjoyable thing to do. It doesn't take much to survive while doing it, and it's not [...]

Zakopane – Poland’s hidden gem

Poland is a wonderful country with lots to offer. From great nightlife in Krakow, the bustling city of Warsaw and the beautiful beaches in Gdansk. What most people don’t realise, Poland has some of the most stunning mountain ranges in all of Europe, and they are only 1.5 hours drive south of Krakow. This place is, of course, Zakopane. Zakopane is situated on the base of the [...]

Hostel Hangover Cure (the ultimate guide to dealing with the hangover)

We all love to go out for a few drinks and make an absolute fool of ourselves in front of people will most likely never see again after a hard day of travelling. It’s hard work taking selfies in front of buildings and statues we know nothing about. It's even harder eating all the overpriced food at tourist traps and getting hounded by every tom dick and harry who [...]

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