If you are looking for a bit more of a chilled night out in Krakow and just want to hit up some cozy bars in Kazimierz, enjoy a laid-back cocktail bar or do some bowling. Then the Jewish Quarter(Kazimierz) is the place to go. We have put together this list of the 20+ of the best bars and pubs of the Jewish Quarter(Kazimierz). We have also broken down the list into a few different categories to make it even easier for you. If you want something even better, then check out our Alternative Krakow self-guided pub crawl. 

If you’re looking to get to know the area better, then check The Alternative Crawl. Or for more nightlife tips, check out The Dos & Dont’s of Krakow Nightlife.


Category: rock, smokers delight

One of the smallest bars in Krakow, the walls are plastered with communist scrap and propaganda, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whos older, the patrons, or the decor. Retro seats on the first floor and a few comfy couches down in their cozy basement. Old Polish punk, skar, and metal playing in the background but definitely, a place not to be missed even if it’s for one quick beer.

Address: Miodowa 20, 31-055 Kraków

Kraina Szeptów

Category: cosey, busy

Kraina Szeptów is entered in the heart of Kazimierz. Like most places in the area, it is a cafe during the day and a bar at night. It is deceptively small but extraordinarily cozy and a great place to relax over some of their fabulous cocktails and conversation with friends.

Address:  ul. Izaaka 1/1 

Pijalnia | Wodki | Piwa

Category: shots, cheap

This is a traditional polish shot bar with a decor that makes you think you’re back in communist Poland, with its distinct green stools, old newspapers for wallpaper, and retro appliances. You’ll find Pijalnia all over Krakow as it is a chain; however, that doesn’t hinder the experience at all. Most people pop in for a quick shot or a beer on the way home or before a night out, most notably because all drinks are only 4zl (yes, that’s right a beer, shot, or wine is only €1). You’ll still find a nice mixture of locals and tourists perched up there for the night. They use Polish Vodka called Zubrowka for all their shots, and there are 13 mixed shots to choose from and our favorite is the Chupa Chup.

Address: plac Nowy 7, 33-332 Kraków


Category: relaxed, authentic

One of Krakow’s oldest bars, it is candlelit with alchemist tools on the walls and ceilings. Each of its different rooms and cellar has a unique atmosphere; almost anyone can find their nook. Downstairs you can regularly catch a range of local and international bands that play there. They also have a cool indoor smoking section and great food.

Address: Estery 5, 31-056 Kraków


Category: locals, relxed

Eszeweria is a cozy hidden away bar located in Kazimierz on the famous Józefa street. Just follow the smell of incense, and you will find it. The drinks are cheap, the music is right, the staff quirky and friendly, and you could be at home here either reading your book, with your dog, or catching up with friends. Outside at the back is a great outdoor garden with tables and chairs and hammocks- great for a first drink when you’ve finished sightseeing.

Address: Józefa 9, 33-332 Kraków

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Dawno Temu Na Kazimierzu

Category: old, locals, relaxed

Dawno Temu Na Kazimierzu (Once upon a time In Kazimierz) is another cozy bar that is hidden from the street. From the outside, you will see a row of curious shop fronts with weather-beaten window shutters, shabby-looking display windows, and shop signboards still proudly announce their owners’ names. However, when you enter, you’ll find a relaxing bar lounge and restaurant with a great menu that includes some traditional Jewish cuisine.

Address: Józefa 9, 33-332 Kraków


Category: funky and fresh

Just around the corner in Plac Nowy is Entropia. Infusions are what they do, and they do them well. They infuse 20 different alcohols depending on the season and current trends. Some of the infusions to expect are dried figs, sesame seeds, vanilla, cranberries, sour caramel, white tea, pineapple etc. You’ll also notice that most of the furniture and a lot of the artwork is creatively made from recycled goods. On weekends they have a chilled-out DJ that plays a range of techno and mainstream music.

Address: Warszauera 1, 31-057 Kraków

Mojihto Cafe

Category: cocktails, relaxed

This cocktail bar and cafe has a modern and fresh feel. The bartenders here are super friendly and know to be the friendliest in Krakow. They are extremely knowledgeable and can mix up something to please anyone’s pallet. Mojito Caffe is an excellent place to relax with a coffee in the morning or drink up for an exciting night in the evening.

Address: Beera Meiselsa 22, 33-332 Kraków


Category: anytime, food and beer

This recently renovated bar is one of the largest venues in the Jewish Quatre. It was previously a 19th-century prayer house, and you can still see the warn out Jewish murals on the walls. The high ceilings and unique chandeliers give the place a real grand feeling. They mix great cocktails and even have unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell beer from the tank. We recommend trying this as it’s that only place in Krakow that has in from the tank.

Address: Beera Meiselsa 18, 31-058 Kraków

Czarna Owca – Wino Bar

Category: wine bar

The Wine Bar is a cozy, stylish place where you can enjoy wine in a smaller or larger group. Friendly sommeliers will be happy to help you choose a wine. They have a large selection of wines and delicious snacks—tasty wines at reasonable prices.

Address: ul. Dajwór 20 LU 6 • 31-052 Kraków


Category: Cozy bar, Unique style,

The quirky little bar, although dim and gloomy, is always full of happy people drinking and enjoying the surroundings. There are tables made from Singer sewing machine tables for you to put your beer on. (It’s In the name) We also recommend their snack menu.

Address: Estery 20, 31-056 Kraków

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Category: Cozy bar, Unique style,

Mleczarnia is a homey place with a warm and cozy feeling. It is located in the heart of the Jewish Quatre. The style and decor makes you feel like you’ve jumped back to the beginning of the 20th century. Mleczarnia consists of a bar and cafe on one side of the street and a pebbeled beer garden with sprawling plants on the adjacent side.

Address: Rabina, Beera Meiselsa 20, 31-058 Kraków

Z ust do ust

Category: Cocktails, Speakeasy,

It’s possible you might not make it to this bar because, well, it’s a speakeasy, and we can’t ruin the surprise by giving you the address. You can find them by solving a series of riddles on their website or asking one of the locals, as the place has been vastly popular ever since its’ inception. Their bartenders are highly skilled and passionate about the art of making cocktails. They even serve drinks in miniature bathtubs, complete with a plastic ducky on top. If you’d like to experience something out of the ordinary during your trip to Krakow, Z ust do ust is a must do.

Address: ???

Kochanka Folf Shotbar

Category: shots, very very small,

Kochanka Folk Shotbar has created a place for people who are looking for a natural, direct and casual atmosphere. They focus on original shots at great prices and a relaxed vibe. They focus on the so-called exclusive alcohols (whiskey, rum etc.), which we serve at deadly low prices.

Address: plac Nowy 7, 31-056 Kraków

Usra Maior

Category: eco, craft beer

Not only does Ursa Maior serve their own tasty, well-crafted beers, they are also incredibly eco-friendly! So much so that all of the furniture inside their Kazimierz venue is made from up-cycled materials. Be sure to notice the bar stools- made from old wooden crates. The menus are made from recycled cardboard, and not only that but several items inside the bar, other than the beers, of course, are also up for sale, including paintings on the walls, by local artists. There are around 21 craft beers (6 on tap) to choose from, and they are unique to this venue; you can even get a taster stick to sample a few. Look out for the wonderfully named ‘Commotion in Kazimierz,’ and the American Golden Ale.

Address: plac Wolnica 10, 31-060 Kraków

Nowy Kraftowy

Category: craft beer, relaxed

Nowy Kraftowy has a seriously excellent beer selection, knowledgeable staff, and a delicious if limited food menu. But you’re not coming for the food.

Address: plac Nowy 8, 31-056 Kraków

Billard Club PIK

Category: craft beer, relaxed

Billiard Club PIK is a great place where you can chill out and play and play on one of their five billiards tables and have a drink. There is a variety of signature drinks to choose from.

Address: Estery 18, 31-056 Kraków

Bowling Plac Nowy 1

Category: bowling

Plac Nowy 1 is a small six-lane bowling ally and bar. A great place to go for a drink and a bit of extra fun.

Address: plac Nowy 1, 31-056 Kraków

Beer Street

Category: craft beer, darts

Beer street has it all, 16 different craft beers, two levels, a beer garden, 6six flat-screen TVs to watch sporting events but best of all, they have a darts room with three dartboards.

Address: Beera Meiselsa 9, 31-063 Kraków