Krakow has a very long jazz tradition with its home-grown jazz talents and several clubs offering live music almost every night. There are also many jazz festivals each year, and they are worth keeping an ear out for. Krakow is home to dozens of amazing bars with nightly events and bands performing on stage. I’ve listed the surest bets for catching some live music and a great band at some of  Krakow’s best venues. The live music scene in Krakow is on the rise right now, so make sure you’re up to date with all the events coming. Here are the best live music bars in Krakow you should definitely visit.

Location: 2 Czapskich St.

The venue is a fusion of a student union and a craft beer pub. The pub is under the purview of Uniwersytet Rolniczy in Krakow, and it’s actually one of the best live music bars in Krakow. The place is kind of difficult to find, and it’s quite small (only 60 seats) but convincing – there are not many better places to spend a pleasant evening. Besides regular jazz events, the club also offers the cheapest beer in town and karaoke. There are two microphones – one goes up to the guest and one to the host.

Location: Gołębia 6.

A place with a unique atmosphere. This restored medieval cellar will take you on a journey back in time. The decor is one of a kind with a huge fire breathing dragon lurking over the main stage. They host karaoke every night from 10 pm and have a variety or rock bands and other groups playing on weekends. They also have one of the biggest and best beer gardens in all of Krakow.

Location: 9 Pl. Mariacki 

This is a place to just sit down and enjoy a decent drink. The venue has a very pleasant view – you can see the market square and Cloth Hall. Hard Rock Café is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Market Square. The building, as well as the atmosphere, is inspiring and many cool events take place there. If you’re wondering where to watch live music in Krakow, this is a must-go spot. What I like about Hard Rock Café is their happy hours – they start Monday and ends on Thursday. Highly recommended if you are looking for some live music in Krakow. The place is also famous for its insanely good restaurant.

Location: 28 Rynek Główny 

A trusty place to go to if you are looking for some live music in Krakows Old Town. A host of established stars regularly visit Harris Piano Jazz to have a jam (like famous Marek Balata and Jaroslaw Smietana). On Saturday’s the venue hosts big concerts from well-known names, both Polish and international (e.g. Gary Bartz or Idris Muhammad). The seating arrangement is small and cluttered, which makes the whole impression even more exceptional. Make sure you reserve a table for a show

Location: 12 Szewska St.

Situated on one of the busiest streets in the city, Piec Art Jazz Club is  a narrow hidden gem. The bar is stylish underground bar, the underground cellar has both chilled acoustic music sessions and original local acts. If you like exceptional ambience and  Polishcraft beer, you’ll definitely love Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Bar. To me, it’s one of the best live music bars in Krakow because of the acoustic gigs.

Location: 6 Sławkowska St.

Okay, this is not really a  live music in Krakow bar. Actually, it’s more of a club,  a disco polo club but disco polo has been deeply rooted in the Polish culture since the 90’. Even if it’s probably not your kind of music, you should go there to check its live concerts every day. Booze flowing, dancing until the sunrise. The music and experience you will have is like no other place in Krakow.

Location: Market Square 

One of the most legendary venues for locals and tourists wondering where to watch live music in Krakow. Piwnica pod Baranami was opened over 60 years ago by a founder of famous literary cabaret – Piotr Skrzynecki. For many people, the venue is the most wonderful cabaret in the whole world. So far, it has had around sixty premieres that have never been in the same form! You never know if when performance will take place and how long it will last. If you want to experience live music in Krakow, concerts and jazz events, this is the place for you.

Alchemia Krakow

Location: 5 Estery St. 

The bar is situated in Kazimierz, one of the most atmospheric parts of the city. For its entire existence, it has been a famous place of meeting and partying for Krakow’s crowds. Alchemia is a kind of a cozy, candle-lit bar, there are, among the others, alchemist tools on the walls. There are several rooms with eccentric paintings and old furniture. Somehow it doesn’t look overblown though. So, if you’re looking for live music in Krakow? Alchemia is your place to hang out! Definitely one of the best live music bars in Krakow.

The Piano Rouge

Location: 46 Rynek Główny

Live music in Krakow old town? The Piano Rouge, situated in the very heart of the city, is one of the first jazz bars in the city. The venue has a burlesque ambience with its red-light interior, feather boas, velvet cushions and boudoir curtains. The general feeling is a bit nostalgic and somehow it brings guests to the 16th century. The prized Bechstein grand dominate the playing room. However, don’t expect jazz only, The Piano Rouge is also home for romantic vocalists, some classical tunes and a dash of rock and roll. Performances take place every day from 9 pm to 12 am. Besides being one of the best live music bars in Krakow, the venue is also a famous restaurant.

Stary Port Krakow

Location: 27 Straszewskiego St.

The only ‘sailor’ bar in the city and a popular jazz bar in Krakow. Stary Port is situated a few steps away from the Main Square. It has a unique and absolutely exceptional climate of an old tavern. The music of sailor is the most common music here, but there are also jazz sessions. Hosted in the candle light and mysterious climate, they are nothing but unforgettable. While at Stary Port, do not miss out on trying some mouth-watering toasts. For example, Captain’s toast is an amazing experience.

Teatro Cubano Krakow

Location: 10 Jagiellońska St.

Visiting Krakow is never complete if you don’t visit Teatro Cubano. The venue is not a real theatre though. It’s an eccentric club stylized in Cuban details. There are flags and national symbols of Cuba, there’s even laundry hanging on the balconies. Teatro Cubano organizes a wide variety of concerts, starting from latino, ending at jazz. All concerts are free to attend! They serve amazing cocktails and have great drink specials on Cuban drinks


Location: 3 Floriańska St. 

U Muniakais  a very prestigious live music venue. The venue was opened in 1991, from the very beginning it has had the style of a medieval cellar mixed with alternative ambience of a rock spot. U Muniaka was founded by a Polish jazz prodigy – an artist Janusz Muniak who was one of the first jazz performers in the whole country. The bar is quite intimate, cozy and tight-knit. The stage is small and tables are candle-lit and the acoustics – just amazing. If I had to choose my favorite jazz bar in Krakow, U Muniaka would be one of my top choices. Oh, and try out their bar – a variety of tequilas, cocktails and vodkas is impressive

Klub Forty Kleparz

Location: 2-4 Kamienna St. 

The venue is situated less than a 5-minute walk from the Main Square, in a 19th-century Austrian fort. One of the must-sees in Krakow, not just because of its impressive architecture and brutal look,  Forty Kleparz also hosts wide range events all year round. From rap concerts to classical, Latino, jazz and even small EDM. The building itself is large (almost 1,000 square meters including the 200-person concert call). The acoustic is perfect, and the artists performing there are nothing but exceptional. They have two bars that are so inviting that just make you want to sip a cocktail. Forty Kleparz is open Thursday to Saturday and during events only. Definitely one of the best live music bars in Krakow!

Location: 20 Dajwór

A very intimate spot on the Krakow jazz scene. One of those places you want to relax at, sip a coffee or enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine and listen to some live music. The interior is a bit mystic and shadowy with the green walls and the corner occupied by performing artists. Old Jazz Café is situated in the very center of Kazimierz. In summer, a lovely outdoor terrace is open. Make sure you try their great range of  Belgian beers, they taste great accompanied by live music.