Vegan restaurants have been popping up all over Poland in the last few years, and Krakow is no exception to this. If you’re a vegan travelling to this historical city or someone who just likes good food, you’ll be delighted to have plenty of options to choose from. Exploring the town might be exhausting, and it definitely works up a nice appetite. So, dear vegans, no need to go to meat-serving spots, get prepare for a hell of a feast! In the article below, you will find a full list of the best restaurants serving plant-based meals in Krakow. The list is in no particular order.

Farma Burgerownia Roslinna

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna is conveniently located right next to the Main Square. It serves 100% vegan cuisine, both typical vegan fast foods (burgers, hot dogs etc.) and traditional Polish dishes in a vegan style. You should definitely try their vegan schnitzel with potato salad – it tastes like heaven. The venue is quite spacious (there is a big room upstairs, as well as a cozy downstairs part), it’s usually very crowded. The hype around the restaurant, and also the food taste and quality, have made thousands of tourists visit it. Farma Burgerownia Roślinna is famous for their ‘zapiekanka’ – a traditional Polish street food. Here it comes with vegan cheese, mushrooms, sprouts, tomato sauce and cucumber. There’s also an option to add some soy gyros. When it comes to vegan street food in Krakow, they are unbeatable!

Address: 6 Wiślna St.

Cocina Verde

If you are looking for vegan pizza in Krakow,  then look no further, this place is known for serving the best pizza in the city. Cocina Verde offers a wide variety of pizzas and eveything they serve is 100% vegan. On the menu you will also find freshly baked bread, calzones and decadent desserts. Krakow’s Cocina Verde is a relatively new place in the city, but it is already becoming a local favourite. This is a perfect place to have a family dinner – Cocina Verde is very children-friendly. They have a children’s menu with vegetables, mini pizzas and a hot dog variation called hot cat. A great plus for gluten-free options – you can choose one out of four different types of dough.

Address: 15 Dietla St.

Wielopole 3

Another highly recommended vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Krakow is Wielopole 3. Most dishes are vegan but make sure you check the ingredients with the waitress (as they also have vegetarian food). Wielopole 3 is located very close to the Krakow Old Town, which makes the location charming. However, it’s a bit tricky to find – when you finally locate the address, you need to go into the building and then go down the stairs. The interior is beautiful with green walls and a bit of a rustic vibe. If you are looking for veganized traditional Polish dishes, this is your must-go. The menu has many vegan options; there accommodating staff will be happy to tell you more about each meal. In general, the food is hearty and full of flavour.

Address: Wielopole 3 


It can be hard to find a good vegan breakfast or brunch, but in Krakow, there are many great places, one of our favourites is this fantastic bakery that has opened in the city. Zaczyn is located a bit outside so it might be hard to come across but if you accidentally do, this will be your favourite bakery in Krakow. All products baked by Zaczyn are homemade, and I mean homemade from scratch. Zaczyn bakers even grind their own flours! They focus on natural ingredients so their food is both delicious and healthy. There are two breakfast options changed every two weeks. Vegan challah is something you should really try. Same as a cashew cream cheese.

Address: 4 Barska St.


Burger lovers know this place well. For many, Krowarzywa is a living proof that the best vegan restaurants in Krakow do include burgers. Definitely try their seitanex burger with vegan cheese, its meaty texture and great flavour make the burger unforgettable. Their number 1 dish is a chickpea burger, served with toppings of your choice. You can have it in a burger, in a salad bowl or as a wrap. Oh, and prices are very decent – burgers cost as little as 3,60 euro. Krowarzywa is located right next to the Main Square. It’s spacious with lots of places to sit inside. There are also some tables outside. If you are looking for a cheap vegan restaurant with very quick service, Krowarzywa has you covered.

Address: 8 Sławkowska St.


Veganic is not a 100% vegan restaurant. It’s vegetarian though, so I think it’s worth putting on this list of the best vegan restaurants in Krakow. The interior is lovely, yet massive, and the atmosphere is just sweet. It’s a combination of modern design, minimalist furniture and industrial, yet a bit rustic feel. The menu is extensive. All vegan dishes are marked. Veganic only uses natural, seasonal ingredients; most of which are locally sourced. The dishes are delicious and have a jaw-dropping presentation. Some of them literally look like works of art. For sure you’ll love lush cocktails and biodynamic wines too. If you’re travelling on a budget, consider Veganic’s lunchtime deal.

Address: Karmelicka 34.

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Is it possible to cook a pizza in as little as 3 minutes, especially if it’s a vegan pizza? Pizzatopia proves that it may be a new standard. They have learned the art of fast, but at the same time delicious, cooking. When it comes to flavour, Pizzatopia’s secret is long-maturing dough. They produce it using carefully chosen, high-quality flours from Italian millers. The dough matures for around 48 hours in the changing temperature. Maybe that’s the reason why all their clients always come back? Oh, and they always put client’s needs first – you personalize your pizza from the very beginning. The ‘Build Your Own’ option gives you a chance to choose the dough, the exact toppings and ingredients you want. No matter the number of ingredients, the price is fixed. No price hikes! Don’t forget to try their vegan pizza of the month with amazing vegan cheese.

Address: 22 Szewska St. (they also have a second location at 4 Nowy Plac St.)


The list of vegan restaurants in Krakow wouldn’t be complete without Glonojad. The vegan menu changes every day, but dishes are often on repeat. The restaurant is spacious, usually full of guests. There’s outdoor seating, just perfect for relaxing in the summer. Glonojad is a self-service restaurant, so you need to pick up your dish at the counter. The menu mostly offers vegetarian options, but there are also vegan dishes. Most of the vegetarian options can also be made vegan if you ask for it. Tasty lentil soup is a must, followed by pumpkin curry for main. Each main dish is accompanied with a mixture of free salads you can just take from the salad bar (the celery salad is excellent).

Address: 2 Matejki Pl.

Hummus Amamamusi

A very small, yet inviting venue. Hummus Amamamusi has combed Israeli and Arabian culture, probably serves the best hummus in the whole city. Could you believe that they serve 25 flavours of it? And every single one is like an eastern dream. On the menu, they also have vegan soup and some simple vegan snacks like tabouleh salad and pita bread — the only minus for long wait times. However, slow food is trendy, especially when it comes to vegan cuisine in Krakow so arm yourself with some patience, the mouth-watering dishes will make it up to you.

Address: 4 Beera Meisela St.

Pierogowy Raj

Your Krakow experience won’t be complete without trying the most famous  Polish dish – pierogi. And Krakow is full restaurants serving pierogi. However, it’s not so easy to find a truly vegan option. Fortunately, there’s one place that is home to the best pierogi ever – Pierogowy Raj, located just a block from St. Florian’s Gate in Old Town. The restaurant is very small, with just a few tables, but they offer a wide selection of pierogi with several vegan options. One could kill for vegan pierogi with the broccoli, olive and soybean stuffing! Delicious, flavorful, yummy! Each bite of them is pure perfection. And the service is the friendliest ever. Don’t forget to take some pierogi home with you. Oh, and make sure you try pierogi topped with caramelized onions.

Address: 25 Sławkowska St.

Pod Norenami

One more Asian example of delicious vegan food in Krakow. At Pod Norenami you’ll have a chance to try Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean cuisine. The interior is casual and modest. The menu is soooo long (which may be a bit annoying, because everything sounds so good and its hard to choose). There are plenty of tofu options, lots of vegan dishes and actually, there are also options for non-vegans and non-vegetarians. Anyway, Pod Norenami proves that vegetarian cuisine, Asia-style, can be full of flavours and absolutely delicious. You must try their Thai tom yum soup, Chinese jiaozi dumplings and dan dan mian noodles with pickles.

Address: 6 Krupnicza St.


How about some Tibetan vegan food while in Krakow? Momo restaurant was named after the traditional dish from Karakoram Mountain – steamy dumplings. The place itself is very authentic, and the atmosphere is unique with space and natural light. The menu, besides traditional momo dumplings, includes stews, soups, masala dosa (this one is extremely hard to find in Poland), dumplings and pancakes (try those with beetroot with wine). Not every dish is vegan (but all vegetarian), but you can easily ask about a vegan version of everything. There are also gluten-free options. On top of the menu, there are also delicious vegan cakes on the counter. Prices are friendly and so is the service.

Address: 49 Dietla St.


No compromises – Mihiderka is 100% vegan. If you like vegan restaurants with a unique energy, this is your place to visit while in Krakow. Mihiderka, located on one of the most often visited streets in the city, is an eatery famous mainly for vegan burgers, but actually, their menu is quite extensive – there are homemade buns, soups, main courses, as well as starters like hummus, pickles and crackers. Feeling like something sweet? Mihiderka is there for you. Try their tofu cheesecake with lemon and orange, it’s heaven – not too sweet and it has a surprising texture. Each dessert is fully plant-based so no worries about some extra kilograms.

Address: 22 Józefa St.


Vegab is probably one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Krakow. Even if a kebab sounds tacky and cheap for some, this one is just divine. No wonder Vegab has such a high rating on Happy Cow. You might even compare it to original Tel Aviv’s shawarmas and kebabs. This restaurant is 100% vegan – their kebab is made from marinated tofu. Vegab offers four different kebab versions (classic for 3.80 euro and maxi for 4.50 euro) with various dressing options (e.g. tzaziki/olives or mango/pineapple). The portions aren’t huge, but the taste is really worth trying. Make sure you go for the Olymp wrap with sunflower seed sauce, sundried tomatoes and black olives. Literally mouthwatering. Definitely a must-go for vegans.

Address: 8 Starowiślana St.