So you find yourself in one of the most charming cities in Poland – Krakow. Between the historic buildings and artistic atmosphere, what does this amazing place have to offer? The answer is easy – the most authentic and delicious Polish food in all of Poland. There are places you must see and some food you must try! If you’re wondering where to eat in Krakow, this article will show you my top 13. Ready to try the best Polish food in Krakow?

#1 Sukiennice

Location: Rynek Główny 3,

The Sukiennice Restaurant is located in the very heart of Krakow in the cloth hall. It has two levels and overlooks the Market Square and the historic Town Hall Tower. Their menu has been inspired by Polish cuisine and its rich flavours and traditions. All the ingredients are meticulously selected and sourced from local producers that share their ethos and take pride in their work.

#2 Trzy Rybki

Location: 5 Szczepańska St.

A unique style and the highest quality – these words describe the little restaurant best. Trzy Rybki restaurant is located in the Stary Hotel’s basement. The hotel itself won an interior design award in 2007. The restaurant serves authentic Polish food, as well as the modern European cuisine with a Polish twist. The menu changes like the seasons but make sure you try their liquorice-infused venison. Trzy Rybki is recommended in the Michelin Guide.

#3 Międzymiastowa

Location: Rynek Główny 34,

They serve a lot more than Polish cuisine but there is nothing more authentic than having a top-quality Polish Vodka with your dinner, and nd at Międzymiastowa this isn’t a problem thanks to their vast range of excellent Polish and foreign vodkas. The menu is here is seasonal but is always exceptional, so head to their Facebook page to check out what they’re serving up.

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Krakow: 4-Hour Polish Food Tour

Location: Old Town

If you’re looking to try some of the best Polish food in Krakow, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Savour the flavors of Poland on a 4-hour food tasting tour of Krakow. Discover what “gołąbki,” “żurek” and “oscypek” are. Learn about the local food culture, and hear fascinating stories about the Polish relationship to their gastronomy. Book Tickets Here

#4 Starka

Location: 14 Józefa St.

A very cozy and lively spot in the heart of Kazimierz district. For locals, the restaurant is considered to be one of those you want to drop in for a late-night best Polish food in Krakow. A classic, dark interior and a timber ceiling resemble a 19th-century pub. The menu includes some authentic Polish food like rabbit loin wrapped in bacon and prices are affordable. Don’t miss out on their head-spinning brand of vodkas – the bar is really impressive.

#5 Jadlodajnia Wczoraj i Dzis

Location: Plac Bohaterów Getta

Something for those who’d rather choose good cheap food in Krakow over of a luxurious restaurant. Jadłodajnia Wczoraj i Dziś is a family business with a ‘grandma’s-cooking’ feel. It’s one of the restaurants that survived after World War II. The menu features traditional Polish dishes like authentic potato pancakes and stuffed cabbage. If you cannot decide where to eat in Krakow – this restaurant is homely and very cheap – two people can eat and drink for under 10 euro there.

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#6 Wierzynek

Location: 16 Rynek Główny

Wierzynek – the oldest restaurant in Krakow – is located in the main square, in the very heart of the city. According to legends, the venue was opened in 1364. Since then, it has hosted De Gaulle, Castro, Bush, Akihito, Juan Carlos and other world leaders and stars. With no doubt, Wierzynek is one of the best restaurants in Krakow, and each guest can expect a truly royal treatment. The menu is based on authentic Polish food and traditional feasting habits from the 14th century. This is a place you will never forget, and it will always remind you about the best Polish food in Krakow.

#7 Kogel Mogel

Location: 12 Sienna St.

Probably one of the most unforgettable authentic Polish restaurants in the whole country. The restaurant is located a few steps away from the market square. It offers live piano music and an impressive wine list. On the menu, you’ll find goodies like goose legs and guinea fowl, traditional Polish żurek soup and amazing pierogi. Kogel Mogel is recommended in the Michelin Guide. Oh, and you’ll for sure, love the wine room with its painted ceiling

#8 Chlopskie Jadlo

Location: 9 Grodzka St.

A trendy choice for tourist groups, Chłopskie Jadło, is a long-running Polish food franchise. If you’re looking for tasty but cheap food in Krakow, this is a place to consider. The restaurant is located just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town Square. The menu is impressive, yet simple, dishes are well-cooked, and prices are reasonable. You should definitely try the authentic Polish gołąbki and white sausage with mushroom marinated in beer and honey. There’s also the bar serving a wide variety of Polish beers, wines and vodkas.

#9 Restauracja pod Baranem

Location: 21 St Gertruda’s St.

A traditional family-run restaurant mentioned in the Michelin Guide. The venue has been decorated with contemporary artwork by Edward Dwurnik. There are a skilful mural, timber ceiling beams and the rug-covered stone floors. The large menu mainly offers authentic Polish food. For people struggling with allergies, Restauracja pod Baranem might be one of the best restaurants in Krakow – it’s been one of the first places offering gluten-free meals which aren’t very obvious when it comes to Polish cuisine. At Restauracja pod Baranem, you can also try some cheap food in Krakow – Restauracja pod Baranem offers a 20-zloty lunch special every day.

#10 Milkbar Tomasza

Location: 24 St Tomasz’ St.

An absolute must-go while searching for the best Polish food in Krakow. If you want to go through an exceptional eating experience, this revamped Milk Bar will blow your mind. The owner and chef in one – Tom – serves tasty (and budget) Polish cuisine in modern surroundings. With its daily special for as little as 18 zl, the restaurant can still be considered a cheap food in Krakow. A mouth-watering goulash and boiled or fried pierogi are worth much more.

#11 Gospoda Koko

Location: 8 Gołębia St.

Authentic Polish food and at the same time cheap food in Krakow. Homemade Polish lunch set costs as little as 3.50 Euro and portions are enormous. Especially their soups, meat chops and knedle are worth trying. The restaurant is famous among students in particular. Gospoda Koko is also known for their cheap drinks – probably the cheapest this close to the Main Square. The menu is seasonal. Besides the front room, there are also the courtyard and the basement.

#12 U Babci Maliny – Bar Mleczny

Location: 38 Sławkowska St. / 17 Szpitalna St.
Simple and affordable meals – this is what so-called milk bars are all about. And so is U Babci Maliny. The restaurant is situated within the courtyard of the Polish Academy of Learning. You just need to descend the stairs to the basement. The venue is not fancy, but for many foreigners, it’s the best Polish food in Krakow. The żurek soup served in a bread bowl, placki po węgiersku (a large plate of potato pancakes in goulash, cheese and sour cream) and the perfectly crispy pork cutlets literally taste like heaven. It’s like an ideal mix of a 5-star restaurant and authentic Polish food.

#13 Pod Aniolami

Location: 35 Grodzka St.

Definitely, one of the best restaurants in Krakow. A fantastic combination of the Krakowian charm and royal medieval Polish cuisine. The restaurant is especially known for its marinated meats and a variety of traditional specialties. And it’s located in a breath-taking 13th-century building with a mosaic-encrusted fountain in a beautiful courtyard garden. While in need of soaking up the atmosphere of Krakow, this is your place to go.


Location: 12/14 Stradomska Street

Stradomska 12 menu focuses on modern Polish cuisine, mixing traditional recipes with a refreshed look by Robert Panek who worked for 20 years as a chef in London. Famous sour soup, pork chop, dumplings (pierogies), steak tartare, or cheesecake in a modern look. The Stradomska 12 features a local, Polish selection of wines – white, red, and sparkling, as well as some strong liquors. Restaurant offers 30 seats in contemporary decor surrounded by unique art by Itamar Gilboa and Dorota Buczkowska.

Restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday 2 PM – 10 PM, and Sunday 12 AM – 8 PM.