We love to party, and we want everyone else to have as much fun partying as us, but we know not everyone can join the Krakow Crawl so we have put together the ULTIMATE guide of pub crawl drinking games. 

#1 drunk uno

You’ll need a deck of UNO playing cards for this game. Rule 1: If you cannot play a card from your hand, pick up a card and drink. Rule 2: If you are skipped or reversed on you have to take a shot. Rule 3: When a standard wild card is played it’s a social drink. Everyone drinks including the player who deals the card. Rule 4: The person who plays a +4 card gets to pick someone to do 4 shots. Rule 5: Once someone wins everyone counts their cards. Each card = 1 shot and all +2 and +4 cards accumulate as well.

#2 beer bongs

 The best way to get nice and drunk nice and quick, but some people are better then others at this. You can buy these online but we recommend to make your own and here is a video how.

#3 ride the bus

Ride the Bus is an excellent card drinking game that requires straightforward and basic instructions that allow strangers and friends to “learn as they play”. Get a deck of playing cards and set up a diamond with nine cards face down with each card only touching then next on each corner. The player chooses which side he wants to start at and flips the card, if the card is a King, Queen, Jack or Ace he must take a shot. Then the dealer will place another card on top of the previously turned card and the players start again. If the card is not a King, Queen, Jack or Ace, he can now move on to the next row and choose a card from the left or right to turn over. This will continue until the player makes it to the other side without getting a face card. Sometimes it can be a quick ride other times you are not so lucky, and it’s a long ride on the bus.

#4 coin flip

Set one big glass in the middle of the table and 7 cups around it with a mixture of different drinks and spirits. You need about 4+ people for this to be exciting. You go around the group each flipping the coin, before you flip you choose some of one of the drinks to put into the middle glass, if you get heads you drink, if its tails it moves to the next person, after a few turns of no one drinking the mix can become not so delightful, its dangerous but straightforward.

#5 Boat race

Everyone splits into two teams, and each has a bottle of mixed vodka (straight vodka if you are crazy). Share the bottle around and the first team to finish the bottle wins

#6 Stack cup

A great way to crew over your friends and get them really wasted, this game is a bit more complicated you recommend to watch the below video. 

#7 Slap cup

Very similar to the above but you get the satisfaction of slapping the shit out of your friends cups instead of stacking them.

#8 beer pong challanges

The classic red cup drinking games that really gets the party going. Great for beginners and pro alike. We like to add a number under each cup that corresponds to a rule that has to be done by the team that loses the cup.

#9 ring of fire

All you need for this is a deck of playing cards, a big cup and some keen players First to set up the game, clear off a table and set a cup in the middle with the deck of cards placed around the cup in a circle. Now get a group of friends to gather around the table, each person having a cup/bottle of alcohol to themselves. Before you start the game you must know what each card stands for and here is our list but you can also buy pre-made cards to take the experience to the next level. Now that you know the rules. One person starts by picking up a card, and whatever the card may be, follow the rule. Go in a circle and keep picking a card till the last King is picked!

#10 the magic rectangle

A great game that can be played with a small or large group that can leave you sober or utterly destroyed. There are three rows of cards. Each turn you choose higher or lower of the card you select. Cards can only be placed at either end of a row, and you have three turns. On the first turn you MUST be in the middle row, 2nd and 3rd can be on any row on the outermost cards. If you choose the wrong card, you must drink the number of cards in that row. Once a wrong guess has been made the cards of that row go back into the deck and re-shuffled, a single card placed back into the middle of that row. If you get it wrong, you must start your turn again in the middle row. Your turn can only pass if you get all three cards right or you run out of a drink. In the event of a matching card (e.g. 8+8 or queen + queen) you must guess the colour of the next card, if you guess correctly, you continue your turn, and the card you guessed does not count to your three card turn. If you get the matching card wrong, you drink the number of cards in that row plus the card you guessed wrong. Here is a more detailed version of the rules. TIP: If your friend is losing and has almost run out of their drink you can get them a new drink and force them to continue playing.

#11 higher or lower

The player one is dealt a card. The player then guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower than the next card. If wrong, the player drinks once. If correct, the player guesses again and has to guess four in a row to finish there turn.

#12 Connect 4

If you lose a game of Connect 4 you buy the next round of drinks

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