Poland is most famous for its amazing Vodka and Krakow has its fair share of great vodka bars, However trends have been changing. Major Polish cities have started to consider wine an increasingly popular companion for all meals. Krakow is a leader, with new wine bars popping up every week. Even if the choice is difficult, there are some fantastic wine bars in Krakow. Below, is a list of the ten best wine bars in Krakow. A great way to check out some of the best wine in Krakow is to do a Polish Wine tasting tour, or to check out one of Krakow’s Vinyards.

#1 Barawino

A stylish wine shop started by Marek Kondrat, one of the most popular Polish actors (and sommelier for a few years now), that evolved to be a wine bar in the heart of Kazimierz. BARaWINO is a lovely, inspired by French bar-a-vins; this is a quiet place where wine is everything. Usually, most of the tables are reserved, so make sure you book one, especially on weekends. At the bar, you’ll find close to 500 wines you can buy by the bottle. There’s also a selection of around 25 wines by the glass, and the selection is regularly rotated. The great thing about the venue is that it’s a place for everyone. No matter if you’re a sommelier, a professional or an amateur, at BARaWINO you’ll feel at home. Assuming the fact, you love spending time enjoying a glass of good wine. Each carafe of house wine comes with some mixed cheese platter (cheese from Poland, Italy and France) which makes the general feeling even more unforgettable. Also, the staff is brilliant. They all are wine lovers, and their knowledge is impressive. 

Location: 1 Mostowa St.


#2 Czarna Owca Wino Bar

Czarna Owca Wino Bar

If you happen to be near the Galicia Jewish Museum, don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to enter one of the best wine bars in Krakow – Czarna Owca Wino Bar. The venue is stylish, cozy, a bit rustic. It’s a good choice for a date or a large group event. Czarna Owca Wino Bar also organizes live music concerts from time to time. On the menu, you’ll find a variety of excellent wines from all over the world, both by the glass and by the bottle. Don’t forget to try some vegan, organic and bio wines, as well as wine without sulphites. Surprisingly, the prices are very reasonable. There are also some tapas. Plus, spring water is free of charge. The atmosphere is very cozy, and this might be because of the extremely friendly staff. Instead of only helping you choose the wine you want, they also encourage you to sample a few first, which is really helpful (and obviously tasty in most cases). I’m sure you’ll go home with a few bottles.

Location: 20 Dajwór St.


#3 Stoccaggio Wine Bar & Shop

A real paradise for wine lovers. Stoccaggio Wine Bar is one of the newest wine bars in the city. However, it has already won the acclaim of thousands of satisfied clients. As an addition to the wine bar, there’s also a shop. The venue also serves some food, and the staff do their job great recommending wines that go well with particular dishes. Stoccaggio offers an impressive range of wines (over 400 types) from around the world. Most of them are also offered for retail sale. Around 100 of them are Italian, including exclusive bottles from the famous Mazzei and Carzo families. They even have a selection of good Polish wines, as well as some interesting bottles from Brazil, China and Uruguay. Approximately 20-25 wines are served by the glass. When it comes to prices, they are not the lowest, but they are high quality, and their wines are definitely worth trying. On top of there atmosphere, impressive selection of tasty wines and helpful staff, Stoccaggio also wins with location – it’s a short walk away from the Market Square. 

Location: 9 Krupnicza St.


#4 Art Restaurant

Art Restaurant is a delightful fusion of a great restaurant and a fantastic wine bar. Art Restaurant is a place you want to stay at for as long as possible. The venue is located on one of the Krakow’s most romantic streets, right next to the most excellent restaurants and top-notch cocktail bars. Art Restaurant offers guests a beautiful garden area. The selection of wine isn’t as broad as in some other famous wine bars in Krakow, but they are carefully selected to satisfy the most demanding guests. It’s worth mentioning that there are several types of wine available only at Art Restaurant. The restaurant, on the other hand, offers modern versions of traditional Polish cuisine. The chef only uses natural products from local producers and the menu changes as the year’s seasons progress. The food is sublime, and the tasting menu is just mind-blowing (yet quite expensive). If you like experiments with eating, you will be delighted. The service and explanation of every dish is just excellent.

Location: 15 Kanonicza St.

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#5 Bottiglieria 1881

Bottiglieria 1881 is a hidden gem among the best wine bars in Krakow. Bottiglieria 1881 is situated on a side street off Plac Wolnica (the Jewish district) in a century-old cellar. The bar is cozy, small, intimate, arranged with taste and elegance. There is an open kitchen and an aged rough-hewn timber. The room is decorated with old wine boxes and stone feature, as well as the huge cave with around 100 wines. While at Bottiglieria 1881, you have a feeling that wine is taken seriously here. Just listen to some wine stories shared by the owners and staff! They are all passionate about wine. Bottiglieria 1881 also offers food: full gourmet meals and delicious wine snacks. The food menu is small, constructed to accompany the wine. After all, it’s all about quality, not quantity, isn’t it? Going with the tasting menu with wine pairing is an experience to remember for a very long time. If you want to visit Bottiglieria 1881, make sure you make a reservation – it’s essential.

Location: 5 Bocheńska St.

#6 Winoman

An underground restaurant and a wine bar in one. One of those wine bars in Krakow that are known for their unique vibe. Winoman is situated in the very centre of the Old Town. It was created for the wine connoisseur. However, recently it’s also become a place to relax with your friends at the end of the week or to hold a family event. Winoman offers more than 100 different wines from all over the world. All of them are personally imported by the owners. Sometimes they also have some Polish wines. The good thing is that almost every wine can be bought by the glass so you can try many different flavours during one evening. There’s also a wine shop if you want to take some bottles home with you. When you take a look at the food menu, focus on tasting dishes. The combination of a five-course tasting menu is something you won’t forget. Oh, and prices are reasonable.

Location: 21 Retoryka St.

#7 Zakladka Bistro de Cracovie

If you find yourself somewhere close to the Bernatek footbridge in Podgórze, you should definitely visit the French-styled bistro and wine bar called Zakładka Bistro de Cracovie. The venue is charming (lovely chequered floors), yet quite modern, elegant but chilly with its bistro feel, high-quality but rather cheap. All these make the bar crowded almost all the time. Zakładka Bistro is run by a famous local chef, awarded with a Michelin star. The food menu is seasonal, and it mostly includes French and Polish dishes. Most of them are vegetarian, but there are also options for vegans. When it comes to wine, the selection is rather narrow but it the quality is satisfying. Especially when it comes to excellent Polish wines (yes, you’ve read it right – excellent Polish wines). In general, the wine bar is a great experience, even if it’s a little bit far away from the city centre. Prices are okay, not particularly high. 

Location: 2 Józefińska St.

#8 Klimaty Poludnia

Klimaty Południa advertises themselves as a place for anyone who loves wine. And there’s a sense in it – the venue and the selection of wines bring passion and knowledge of wine into the mind. Klimaty Południa is an ideal spot to relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine, as well as spend a lazy afternoon in the hot summer, sipping chilled white wine. You will love its simple interior designed to a sunny Mediterranean farmhouse and cool items like timber beams or flagstones. The restaurant is currently one of the hottest ones in Krakow, and sometimes it’s extremely hard to book a table a few days ahead. Klimaty Południa serves a wide selection of original quality wines, as well as delicious food and local beers. The staff are very knowledgeable, so it’s good to ask about their opinion while choosing a wine for your meal. Their food is good but it’s their wine what really makes a difference.

Location: 5 St Gertruda St.

#9 Filipa 18 Food Wine Art

Have you ever heard of the famous Hotel Indigo, just around the corner of Stary Kleparz farmers’ market? If not, time to change it. The beautifully renovated hotel now hosts a small, unique wine bar and a restaurant – Filipa 18 Food Wine Art. Not only is the visit there a gourmet dining experience, but also an amazing wine adventure. The dishes are works of art; they are delicious and presented beautifully. And the chef is nothing but excellent – he always asks if everything was fine as expected. The wine bar included tens of wines, selected from around the world. They are paired with meals insanely well so don’t even think about having dinner without a glass of wine there. Oh, Filipa 18 Food Wine Art was awarded a Michelin star.

Location: 18, St Filip St.

#10 Krako Slow Wines

Krako Slow Wines is a little wine bar that also serves food. It’s situated on Zabłocie which is very close to Schindler’s Factory and the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK. The venue is small but charming, with wooden fixtures and natural light. Krako Slow Wines is famous for a variety of wines from exclusively ecological vineyards (over 100 vintages). Many of them are certified organic, all of them are intoxicating. Krako Slow Wines is one of the few wine bars in Krakow that serve really good Polish wines. You also have a chance to try some exquisite bottles from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Georgia, Armenia and Romania. Each type has been carefully and personally chosen by the owner. Besides the wine bar, there is also a nice wine shop. When it comes to food, the Caucasian barbecue is really worth joining. The barbecue is usually organized between Tuesday and Saturday. You will be delighted by a Georgian- and Armenian-style kebab.

Address: 6F Lipowa St., Podgórze