If you’re not sure what stag party activities to do in Krakow and need some help picking the best way to celebrate, don’t worry because we have put together this list of the 10+ stag do ideas Krakow. If you need some help booking anything, please get in touch with us as we can help with booking just a pub crawl or organizing your entire weekend from when you step off the plane until you crawl back on. For more tips check out The Dos & Dont’s of Krakow Nightlife.

Krakow Stag Ideas: Day Activities

#1 Lost Souls Alley

A cross between a haunted house and an escape room, although this may sound common and ordinary, it is anything but that. They have four intensity options that range in the amount of Fun, Fear, and pain inflicted. We advise having a beer or two before doing this to get some liquid courage. Just to get an idea of how intense it gets there, the website states the following “The characters encountered will consistently use devices that may cause discomfort and temporary pain, the actors also may try to immobilize the visitor and separate him from the group”. Check out some of the video reactions.

#2 Shooting Range

It’s not a stag party unless you shoot a gun, and it’s a must when visiting Krakow. Who doesn’t love the thrill of shooting a shotgun or maybe even a cannon? Yes, that’s right, you can even shoot a cannon and everything else in between. The Krakow Shooting range has a wide variety of guns available to shoot, from handguns, semi-automatic machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Krakow has multiple indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and if you’re looking to book this just let us know.

#3 Paint Balling

Krakow has multiple great outdoor and outdoor paintball fields. All of them are fantastic fun and reasonably priced, what better way to send off the stag or bachelor then all of his mates shooting the living s**t out of him.

Paint Balling Krakow

#4 dog attack

A very entertaining activity for everyone watching but not so much for the stag or bachelor. Test how strong he really is by taking him out into the Polish wilderness and unleash a trained attack dog on him and see how he handles the situation! (The stag will, of course, be wearing some protective clothing)

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#5 Axe throwing

Like darts but more extreme. A great way to let out some steam and have a bit of fun. See who in the group can axe a bullseye while chugging down a few cold beers.


Stag Party Activities Krakow

#6 Bubble Football

A great way to run into your mates and bash them as hard as you can and use the excuse that you’re just laying the game. Although you are trapped up in a massive inflatable ball, it can be tiring and dangerous.

Image Source: https://www.bumperball.pl/

Krakow Stag Ideas: Night Activities

#7 VIP Booth Booking at Club 4

4 is the #1 not spot in Krakow. It can be hard to get into clubs around Krakow with large groups of guys, but if you pre-book a booth here, you won’t have any issues and are guaranteed a great night out.

#8 Krakow Boat Party

Cruising down the middle of Krakow on Vistula river with 150 other party people. The Krakow Boat Party is one of the most unique and exciting nightlife activities in Krakow for a Krakow stag weekend. There is also a live DJ, magician and photobooth on board the ship. When the cruise ends the guides then take you to three of Krakow’s best clubs where you receive free entry and a free welcome shot.


#9 Private VIP Pub Crawl

This is the ultimate way to experience Krakow’s nightlife during your Krakow stag weekend. It can be hard going out clubbing in a new city, for one, it’s not easy to find what bar and club are best, and not many bars and clubs are interested in letting in groups 10-20 drunk males. That’s where we come in. One of our local female guides will take you to all the best bars and clubs in Krakow, and you’ll receive free entry and a free welcome shot at each club. We can organize a VIP booth at the final music club or a strip club. Send us an email if your looking for some cracow stag do packages.

If you’re looking to only go to one club, then the best option is Four Music club. Make sure to make a reservation so you won’t have any issues getting in.

#10 Shot Bars

€1 Shot Bars – If you’re visiting Krakow, this is a must stop at any time of the day or night. Enjoy a range of Polish vodka shots for €1. Check out our full guide to Krakow Vodka bars

#11 Strip Dinner Private

The only thing better than a nice steak and beer is having a beautiful woman strip while you eat. Enjoy a full Polish feast with ribs, beers and titties. Make sure to book ealry for tis one.

extra activities

#12 stag arrest

Scare the life out of your stag by hiring some actors to come and arrest the stag in hr middle of the street. The fake Police will ask for his documents, but no matter what the stag says or does, the “Police” will arrest him and take him away. The best part is they will take him to a strip club where you will all join him for a dance. Make sure to be careful not to get actually arrested and watch our for some of the most common Scams in Krakow.

#12 Rolly Polly Stripper(XL Lady)

Sometimes your average stripper just won’t do, and you need someone with a little extra. It might not be very enjoyable for the stag but it will great for everyone watching.

Things to Avoid

paying with card at strip clubs

Make sure you are very careful at strip clubs in Krakow, as some of them will try to scam your card and charge you multiple times for the same purchase. We advise to only bring cash.


We don’t condone taking drugs. Drugs are also known to be very low quality in Krakow, and we have stringent rules here, and if the Police catch you, they are not very forgiving.

street girls

When you’re drunk and aimlessly walking around late at night not knowing what to do, two friendly and good-looking ladies will come up to you and say that they are not from around here and ask for some advice on what bar to go to. (Unless you look like Brad Pitt, this isn’t normal for most people) 

They will then try to and take you to a bar nearby, unknowingly to you they work for that bar. When you arrive there, they will ask you for a drink, and being the kind, upstanding person you are, you will get them one, and this is where they scam you. The drinks here are about 10 to 20 times the regular price in Krakow, and the drink menus don’t have any prices on them. 

When it comes time to leave, the big scary security comes out, and you have no choice but to pay the ridiculously high bill if you want to leave in one piece. For more scams to look out for, check out our nightlife survival guide.

If you’re looking to book any of the mentioned activities, or looking for something different, please get on contact with us.