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20 of the best bars pub and clubs in the Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz)

By |November 21, 2019|

If you are looking for a bit more of a chilled night out in Krakow and just want to hit up some cozy bars, layed back cocktail bar or do some bowling. Then the Jewish Quarte(Kazinersz) is the place go. We have put togeahet this list of the 30+ best bars and pubs of the Jewish Quarte(kazimersz). We have also broken down the list into a few differt catagroies to make it even easier for you. If you want something even better then checkout our ALternetive Krakow self guided pub crawl. Propaganda Category: rock, smokers delight One of the smallest bars in [...]

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Milkbars in Krakow (delicious & cheap places to eat)

By |February 24, 2020|

Communism might be in the past and Poland might be in the EU, but some elements of the old times haven’t changed.  One of them is the tradition of the Polish milkbars (called ‘bary mleczne’ in Polish).  Polish cuisine has been deeply influenced by history and culture, and milkbars reflect Polish culture, politics and history. In short, a milkbar is kind of a cafeteria serving traditional Polish cuisine, mainly to students, tramps, pensioners and tourists.  Milkbars are famous for their unique atmosphere and, what is really surprising, very low prices. If you travel on a budget or you just want to discover the treasure of Polish culinary culture, this cheap and delicious [...]

Krakow’s Thrift Stores: Why you have to check them out.

By |January 23, 2020|

When people talk about visiting Krakow, they mostly talk about the Old Town’s beautiful architecture and how lucky we are that it survived the war. They also talk about how moving it was to visit Auschwitz but most likely how drunk they got every night and how cheap it was, although, I think there is something else in Krakow that most people miss, and that’s all of Krakow’s’ thrift and second-hand stores. Everyone knows that thrift stores, vintage stores, second-hand shops, or whatever you want to call them are amazing and full of hidden gems. So what makes the ones in Krakow so [...]

A guide to the Markets of Krakow

By |January 21, 2020|

Historical monumental buildings and trading halls from the 15th century are not everything Krakow has to offer. If you crave some local fruit, fresh meats and cheese, colourful spices, baked goods, ceramic, eccentric clothes and anything else you can think of, visit one of the markets in Krakow. For sure, this is an exceptional cultural experience to be found nowhere else. Krakow’s unique atmosphere and talkative vendors should put these markets on anyone's travel plans. Make sure have bargaining skills ready. #1 Plac Nowy The iconic market is considered to be the very heart of the Jewish Quatre(Kazimierz). It’s one of the historic squares, a former Jewish market [...]

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