The Alternative Crawl takes you through the lesser-known side of Krakow and goes where the locals hang out. We will take you to the best hidden hot spots in Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter. This is is a bustling area full of amazing bars, pubs, and street food.

What’s included?

  • 1 hour of unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, red and white wine, prosecco shots, and mixers. 
  • free entry to 4 of the best-hidden bars, pubs, and clubs in Kazimierz.
  • Enjoy a game of PUB CRAWL BINGO.

What’s the difference?

Our regular crawl runs every night and goes through bars and clubs in the Old Town and has larger groups of up to 100 people. The Alternative crawl only runs on weekends and is smaller groups of up to 35 people and goes to smaller hidden away bars and pubs and we play pub crawl bingo.

Why Kazimierz?

Kazimierz is only a 5-minute walk south of the Main Square and is also known as the Jewish Quarter. Krakow’s Kazimierz district is the heart of Jewish culture in Poland, where the cultures of Christianity and Judaism coexisted for more than 500 years. This has created a unique atmosphere due to its previous cultural importance to life in Krakow and in turn, has made it a great place to party as there are so many interesting bars and pubs.  You’ll see many great examples of Jewish architecture and places of great tragedy. Here you’ll find students drinking shots with corporate types, locals chatting over a beer with forgeries, and everything in between.

There are so many great places to discover, and that’s why we’ve created The Alternative Crawl so that we can take you to the best bars and pubs in Kazimierz.


  • 1 hour of unlimited drinks (beer rum, gin, vodka, white and red wine, prosecco whiskey, shots, and mixers)
  • Free entry to the best-hidden bars and pubs in Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)
  • The care of our friendly party guides
  • Our famous drinking game: Pub Crawl Bingo.

Price: 70 zł   (€15)

Time: 8:45 PM

Friday & Saturday only

Location: Plac Nowy 5



Plac nowy – Meeting Point


Our starting point is Plac Nowy which is in the heart of Kazimierz. When arriving at the square look out for our guide holding a green umbrella. Our guide will be there from 8:45 PM. Tickets can also be purchased from our guide.

Start Time: 8:45

Price: 70 PLN (€15)

Plac Nowy is an old Jewish marketplace that has many great food stalls and bars. We recommend getting a zapiekanka to snack on to start the evening. A zapiekanka is a traditional polish meal that’s half pizza half baguette and you can have almost anything on it, but most importantly it does a great job of soaking in all that alcohol that you’ll soon be consuming. There are many other great street food stalls to choose, like sushi, burgers and grilled sausages.


The below bars are a general guide and we sometimes visit different venues depending on the night


Unlimited Drinks

Here we will have an open bar for 1-hour with unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, white and red house wine, shots, mixers and a rotating craft beer of the day.  Our guides will be hosting a game of Pub Crawl Bingo to make sure everyone gets involved and meets each other. So it doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone.

This place is a graffiti-filled relaxed bar with a welcoming atmosphere and serves pizza. It has plenty of seating options spread throughout the pub, it’s the perfect place to start our night.

1st Bar

A vibrant place in the heart of Kazimierz, this bar has a great atmosphere. The interior is inviting and provides plenty of seating and a wide range a low priced drinks.

2nd Bar

One of Krakow’s oldest bars, it is candlelit with alchemist tools on the walls and ceilings. Each of its different rooms and cellar has a unique atmosphere; almost anyone can find their nook. Downstairs you can regularly catch a range of local and international bands that play there. They also have a cool indoor smoking section.

3rd Bar

A cozy and unpretentious live music with staff that are so real you’ll feel like you’re at a friend’s house. They play a wide range of live music in English and Polish.

4th Bar

This place  is easily missed as it’s hidden away down a long stairwell. But you won’t be disappointed when stopping here. They have a wide range of cocktails, funky couches and tasty Sisha.

5th Bar

Smoke machines, lasers, concrete and vodka. What more could you want in a club to finish your night at? This is one of the newest places to hit the sense in Kazimierz, and it is fast becoming one of the best places to let loose. They have a minimalist vibe, lots of seating, a big dancefloor and great DJs.

If you’d like to join the tour please make sure you book in advance as this tour is regularly booked out.


    For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: +48 575 923 658, info@krakowcrawl.com or fill out the following form

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